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awaken your magic

Hello Beautiful Soul!

Uplift your energy without bypassing Life...

Enchanted Meditations are designed to help you:

  • improve your mood

  • redirect your focus 

  • feel inspired and warm and comforted

  • increase your ability to relax

  • harmonize mind * body * spirit 

  • automatically boost mind empowerment

  • harness the power of affirmations and EFT

  • help you enjoy deeper, more refreshing sleep (Divine Dreams)

So you can get back to living Life - refreshed and energized.


Life can be noisy!

And stressful! Oh, so stressful. 

Guided meditations can help drown out the noise out there and gently guide you back to your inner strength.

Enchanted Meditations bring together the powerful effects of mind empowerment and emotional rebalancing.


...A series of rich affirmations, powerful intentions and guided meditation audios that combines science and inspiration.


Click below to get started...

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Pink Powder

1. Refresh The Beauty Within


ooh la la!

2. Relax Deeply and Sleep

3. Re-Turn to Your Inner Wisdom

Bedtime Meditations
Daytime Manifesting

Hi, I'm Priya

Meditation can help bring you back into the moment - and remind you that every second of life has infinite potential!

Guided meditations can help your mind gently drift back to the words being uttered and the energy of sound. This sparks the ability to release stressful emotions, live mindfully and enjoy the moment!


Affirmations tend to sink in after cumulative listening. In time, it gets easier and easier to absorb the wording.

With Enchanted Meditations, we lovingly craft soundscapes.

Magical storytelling. Crystal-clear verbalized intentions. 

A space and place to release weariness, despair and sadness.

And bear witness to the hero's journey that is YOU.

With love.


Priya is a meditation guidea voice artist with a yogic background, an award winning author and a singer.

She has voiced meditations for a California app company and is the former singer for La La La Human Steps. 

Priya is from England and lives in Canada. 

A portion of all proceeds are donated to The Sick Kids Hospital.


"That’s why so many of us teach meditation. Because when you stop thought, you stop resistant thought. When you stop resistant thought, then you let it in. That’s why we teach appreciation, because when you’re in appreciation, you are not in the mode of resistance, and you are letting it in."

Abraham Hicks



"Oh WOW, this is FABULOUS!!!!"


"OMG your voice Priya!!! 

I can't get enough of your recordings!!!

I'm a nurse and I literally feel the stress going out out OUT!!!

And the Higher Self audio had me in tears, thank you!"




"Had my first listen and loved it!

(Enhance Your Self Confidence)

It starts very gently and easily and I love how your dynamism and enthusiasm pick up in the second half of the recording."


"Ahhhhh, I feel SO relaxed! Thank you Priya !!!"


"Your voice reminds me of Galadriel from Lord of the Rings." (UK versions)


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