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"Absolutely fantastic! "

Overwhelmed? Stressed?

This collection of mind-candy mini meditations will soothe you immediately and remind you of the power you carry within to manifest your desires.

Filled with daily inspiration, this little meditation book is designed to elevate your emotions with only three minutes of daily reading!

This is for you if:

  • You love Universal connection and spirituality

  • You enjoy a little magic.

  • You're an overachiever who will take down anything that stands in your way to your goals...but your heart is soft and tender, and needs replenishing.

Law of Attraction Leaders Award

30 Vital Mini Meditations Love, Hope, Courage and Much More!

Feel Inspired Every Day With This Little Playbook!


Here's what you'll receive: 

30 Mini meditations that will infuse your heart with light and warmth.

In a 46-page PDF that covers 30+ areas with loving intention and attention!

The Cosmic Playbook


1 - Mind

2 - Creative Energy

3 - Clarity

4 - Refocus

5 - Focus

6 - Wisdom

7 - Thinker

8 - Good Things

9 - In Charge

10 - Receiving Compliments

11 - Giving Compliments

12 - Deserving Compliments

13 - Worthy of Compliments

14 - Enjoy Compliments

15 - Appreciation

16 - Self care

17 - Tuning Into Self care

18 - Nourish

19 - Intellect

20 - Spirit

21 - Senses

22 - Balance

23 - Caring & Love

24 - Completion

25 - A New Day

26 - Creativity

27 - Talent

28 - Onwards

29 - Kindness

30 - My Body


What You Receive


"Deep spiritual moments for my awareness"

Absolutely fantastic! I started my path of meditation, gratitude and deep reflection recently and I was looking for “a guide” for my moments of personal reflection, as if by magic this book crossed my path. Each section must be read calmly, and then be contemplated. What she can give you is immensely valuable! Thank you!!!


Beautiful positive affirmations. I like that it's broken into easily readable chunks. You can choose what issues you want to work on for the day and simply go to that chapter. Very nice book.

"Enjoyed the meditations"

Very well written and organized. Highly recommended. I will definitely practice these meditations.

"Daily affirmations"

Love this little gem of a book full of helpful, daily affirmations. The author suggests reading in the morning and at night - a great way to start your day and end the evening on a positive note.

"This can change your outlook"

This book is very inspiring and can change your attitude and outlook. We all go through hard times and these mini meditations can help you keep things in perspective.

"Great book!"

This book is filled with mini meditations. It felt somewhat like a mental yoga. Relaxing and calming. I will use these during meditation. 

"Great for Morning Quiet Time"

I have enjoyed this book very much. I usually have quiet time before everyone gets up to read and prepare for the upcoming day. This book really gets me into the mindset I need to be in order to conqueror the day!

"Sweet Meditations"

This book has plenty of short, sweet meditations to put you in a relaxed, open, energized state. This would work very well as a quick break tool, to help shift how you're feeling, and put you back in a positive state.

"Motivated to practice meditation more"

I really like the 'mini' aspect of these meditations as they encourage me to practice more. These meditations are like a snack that you enjoy during many parts of the day. Very digestible and delightful.

"Good Book of Short Extended Affirmations"

This is a delightful short book of essentially extended affirmations that the author is calling mini-meditations.


Each of the thirty has an overarching affirmation followed by a few paragraphs that have you think a little more deeply about what the author sees those as being.


These paragraphs are written in the first-person present, as if you are pondering them yourself.


Even though there is only a handful of these, there is surprisingly a lot of food for thought here, more than what the subtitle of love, hope, and courage would suggest.


Some of them are about getting out of your own way in terms of how you view yourself and your value while others go beyond that.


I found it interesting that four of them were actually about an idea as simple as compliments. But I actually thought they were good, as compliments can be hard to receive sometimes as you may not believe that you have earned them or that you are worthy.


The book is based on the law of attraction, so elements of that are woven throughout as well. I'm not sure how the title of The Cosmic Playbook fits in, but I did enjoy this book. And I do plan to try some of these randomly, as the author suggests.

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The Cosmic Playbook





We offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee on all our products.

Priya Khajuria

Hi, I'm Priya

The Cosmic Playbook was created to find and enhance beauty in our daily lives.

Every page is filled with love and hope!

Enjoy these as a daily meditation, or read them whenever your spirit needs uplifting.

You can grab a free mobi or ePub version here.

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