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Do you worry about money often?

Do you torture yourself about what you might have to spend it on? Like the car needing work, or whether there's enough money for the next round of birthdays or how to afford vacations without scrimping on everything?

Do you check your account only when you're worried about whether your debit card will get rejected at the store?

If so, you're certainly not alone!

Our money worries tend to rule the day.

The problem with this - is that with daily and habitual worry, we become a slave to money. Or worse, we sink deeper and deeper into debt.

What if you could enjoy thinking about money coming into your life, every single day?

What if you could spend your money on anything you wanted?

If that sounds like a far-off fantasy, then start with a game!


Introducing The Prosperity Game...


To play the hugely popular Prosperity Game from Abraham Hicks, you simply imagine yourself receiving and spending increasingly large sums of money every day.

The point of the Prosperity Game is to get familiar with receiving, spending and managing wealth by imagining it first. It is quite literally expanding your wealth and prosperity consciousness.

Some players start with $100 a day and double it each day, some start with $1,000 or other numbers. I've seen players start with $1,000,000 and go from there.

While this sounds wonderful as a Game, how do we bridge the gap to reality?

I believe it starts with these steps:

  1. Mindset

  2. Figuring out how to add your value to the world

  3. Creating and implementing that value

  4. Tweaking along the way

  5. Appreciating all the money that does come your way

  6. Mastering your money management so you can do the things you *love*

The Prosperity Game SuperKit is a done-for-you deluxe game pack that takes the Prosperity Game to the next level...


  • It explores and expands the receiving and spending aspect BEFORE you have that physical money.

  • It creates desire for things you want to spend money on - it's this desire that juices up your creativity towards creating offerings of value to the world.

  • The SuperKit does not require that you spend all your game money the same day as it does in the original game. Rather, you can spend it, invest it, manage it, and examine it from many aspects.

  • The more you practice having increasing amounts of money, the more ideas you'll get on how to master it.

Many people protest when we explain to them the power of telling the story of their finances as they want it to be rather than as it is, because they believe that they should be factual about what is happening.


But if you continue to look at lackful what-is and speak of what-is, you will not find the improvement that you desire.


If you want to effect substantial change in your life experience, you must think thoughts that feel different as you think them.


This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

This is a daily practice that will expand your wealth consciousness.

And along with wealth consciousness, it will expand other creative areas in your life.

Ready to play?

The Prosperity Game SuperKit

  • 31-Day Playsheet

  • 50+ page Playbook

  • Daily Ritual

  • Beautiful Universal Checks

  • Powerful Spiritual Money Truths

  • Start Your Genius Brainstormer PDF

  • 8 Bonus Playsheets

Value $197

Sale $27

(one time payment)  

What you receive in the SuperKit:

1) A Done-For-You Excel Game Playsheet with 31 days set up and ready to go

  • Manage your game dollars for 10-15 minutes daily and develop a new mental habit. 

  • Customize the Playsheet as you desire, and use it over and over again.

  • Make a copy and use it for your current money management. This is where the power is - you're starting with what you have and building on it!

2) 50+ page Prosperity Game Playbook PDF with full instructions and the Daily Ritual

  • Check and clear your energetic connection to money. Are you limiting the value that you offer to the world?

  • The 5 most common blocks, and how to break through those.

  • Are you a Lightworker, a creative or an artist? Find your unique money blocks, and resolve them.


3) Daily Universal Check template (PDF)

  • Beautiful checks for daily play. Simply print and fill them in each day.



PDF of the Spiritual Money Truths

Special Deposits Playsheet

  • Keep track of all the special short and long term fun plans you have for your money.

  • “See” your debt payments being paid off vibrationally so you can take action in real life paying down your debts. 

  • “See” your funds go up for your trips and other luxury accounts, so you can practice setting aside money in real life for these things with what you have.

Monthly Playsheet

  • Visually “see” and play with your money over the full Game play month.

  • Move your money around, really get into the “feeling place” of being an expert money manager even though it's a game.

  • Update and change it around anytime!

Universal Gifts Playsheet

  • Bless everything that comes in. 

  • Keep track easily of your vibrational journey and your manifestations.

Cool Stuff Playsheet

  • Keep track of other inspired ideas that pop up which don’t require much or any money (they will spring up!)

The Brainstormer

  • Over 20 fun, awesome and purpose-filled ways to spend your vibrational dollars! (after you've already spent it on the house, the pool, and all the rest of the fun stuff!)

Inspired Thoughts Playsheet

  • A place to store all the new ideas that are going to RISE up like you won’t believe!

  • This is where you brainstorm ideas, offerings, concepts of value that you'll offer the world!

  • Keep track of them, and use the Quick Guide to decide which to start on first (yes, you will be that excited to get moving on them!)

Daily Ritual checklist

  • Great for daily accountability and to just to keep on track.

EASY Game Play

  • This new version of the Game bridges the fantasy side of the Game to enhancing what you have in this moment.

EASY Monthly Spending Playsheet

  • This Playsheet alone will familiarize your brain with receiving and spending more money!

The SuperKit blends together:

  1. The Prosperity Game, where you will vibrationally spend great wealth, raising your vibrations to that level.

  2. A grounding daily practice.

  3. How to gently release blocks to receiving and spending and BRIDGE the conceptual into EXPERIENCE.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it... to spend almost half a million Game dollars in 31 days,

in any way that maximizes your pleasure - and gain a feeling of control so you can start from where you are in real life!


I just read the materials and I was literally in awe of how much work and thought you put into it.

It's truly phenomenal!


Already playing it and I'm having so much fun with it Priya! It feels joyful and expansive! Thank you!


It's F*CKING awesome!!!!

I can't believe how much work you've put into it!!!


So awesome!!!

The Prosperity Game SuperKit

  • 31-Day Playsheet

  • 50+ page Playbook

  • Daily Ritual

  • Beautiful Universal Checks

  • Powerful Spiritual Money Truths

  • Start Your Genius Brainstormer PDF

  • 8 Bonus Playsheets


Value $197

Sale $27

(one time payment)  

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“Some say that you should not want money at all because the desire for money is materialistic and not spiritual.

But we want you to remember that you are here in this very physical world where Spirit has materialized.

You cannot separate yourself from the aspect of yourself that is spiritual, and while you are here in these bodies, you cannot separate yourselves from that which is physical or material.

All the magnificent things of a physical nature that are surrounding you are Spiritual in nature.”



Ready, download, play!

The Daily Prosperity Game SuperKit

  • 31-Day Playsheet

  • 50+ page Playbook

  • Beautiful Universal Checks

  • All the juicy Bonuses


Value $197

Sale $27

(one time payment)  

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