The Prosperity Game SuperKit

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6 tips to cultivate a badass wealth mindset:

  1. Allow yourself to expand your ideas of what is possible and your potential, with gentleness and love.

  2. Discover and brainstorm ways to add your extraordinary value to the world. 

  3. Take fearless steps forward on your creative ideas but focus on one at a time. Jump in with spirit and start! 

  4. Tweak with daring and defiance along the way. Don't be afraid to make a mistake but do listen to your intuition.

  5. Appreciate all the money and signs of glorious abundance that come your way

  6. Master your money management like a boss so you can do the things you *love*

Read on to discover one of the most popular Law of Attraction money abundance games and how you can use it starting today to "feel your way to wealth!"


The Prosperity Game

In the hugely popular Prosperity Game by Abraham Hicks, you imagine receiving a certain sum of money today, say $100. Spend all of it in your mind. The next day, imagine receiving an even higher amount. Spend that whole amount in a day as well. Continue to play, increasing your imaginary money every day.


Some players start with $100 a day and double it each day, others start with $1,000 and go from there. I've seen players start with $1,000,000.

The goal of the game is to:

  • get familiar with receiving, spending and managing wealth by imagining it first

  • expand your wealth and prosperity consciousness

While this sounds wonderful as a Game, many players get stuck in one of three stages.

If you've played the Prosperity Game before, maybe you got stuck here as well?

  1. feel confused about how to bridge the gap from playing it as a game to experiencing abundance in real life

  2. how to break through a dollar ceiling, even in your imagination

  3. feeling guilty at having - or spending - so much money



Break through the mind versus reality block

Dominate the amounts

Release the pesky guilt 

...with our unique manifesting tool: 

The SuperKit

What is the SuperKit? :)

The Prosperity Game SuperKit

is a downloadable manifesting kit that helps you raise your money vibrations every day through aligned, targeted and focused spending!

It will show you:

  • How to expand your receiving and spending mindset while having fun!

  • Ways to spark a desire for things or experiences you want to spend money on!

  • How to juice up your motivation without having to rely on others, so you can move audaciously towards your goals.

  • How you'll have ultimate control in how to spend your money, save it, invest it and manage it. (The incredible SuperKit has some unique twists on the original Prosperity Game.)

  • How to feel even MORE in control of your money by viewing it in different ways (all included!)

  • The more fearlessly you play with the SuperKit, the more astoundingly creative ideas you'll spark on how to master your money! 

Abundance covers a LOT of things...wouldn't you say?

  • A joyful life

  • Freedom

  • Expansiveness

  • Growth

  • Wealth

  • Luxury

  • Lifestyle

  • Money

But out of all of these, wouldn't you agree that money is the one word that carries the most victim triggers?

In the SuperKit Playbook, you'll find tips to help you vanquish money triggers and fire up your creativity and imagination.


The SuperKit is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  :)

The Prosperity Game SuperKit system is a daily practice designed to expand your wealth consciousness and bring fresh new energy into your life.

You may see and feel surprising effects within a couple of days or you might experience a graceful and gradual dawning of wonder and ah-ha's that build every time you play! 

What the SuperKit WILL do without question, is help direct your focus and attention back to tremendous abundance every single time you play.

What you receive in the SuperKit:


50+ page Prosperity Game Playbook PDF with full instructions and the Daily Ritual

  • Are you limiting the value that you offer to the world? Check and clear your old energetic connection to money.

  • The 5 most common money blocks, and how to break through those.

  • Bonus section: Are you a Lightworker, a creative or an artist? Find your unique money blocks, and resolve them!

  • READ ME instructions for all 9 Playsheets.

The Done-For-You Excel Game Playsheets with 31 days set up and ready to go!

  • Manage your game dollars and develop a new daily mental habit. 

  • Customize the Playsheet and use it over and over again.

  • Make a copy and use it for your current money management!


Special Deposits Playsheet

  • Easily track your special short term and long term plans for daily motivation. Why look elsewhere for motivation when you'll find it coming from yourself!

  • “See” yourself paying off your debts vibrationally (and be inspired in real life!) 

  • Practice allocating more and more money towards your trips and other luxury accounts in the game, so you can ease into saving money in real life.

Monthly Playsheet

  • “See” and play with your money over the full Game play month.

  • Move your money around, get into the “feeling place” of being an expert money manager.

  • Use it again and again!

Universal Gifts Playsheet

  • Bless everything that comes in - and watch them grow! 

  • Keep track easily of your vibrational journey and your manifestations.

Cool Stuff Playsheet

  • Keep track of other inspired ideas that pop up which don’t require much or any money (they will spring up and you will see just how blessed you are!)

Inspired Thoughts Playsheet

  • Store all the new ideas that are going to RISE up like you won’t believe!

  • Brainstorm ideas, offerings and concepts of value that you'll offer the world!

  • Keep track of them, and use the Quick Guide to decide which to start on first (yes, you will be that excited to get moving on them!)

EASY Game PlaySheet (new!)

  • Use this trick to familiarize your brain with receiving and spending more money.

  • Blast away the "too much money" syndrome!

  • Discover how to ease into a "believer" mindset for large amounts when your brain rebels!

EASY Monthly Spending Playsheet (new!)

  • View your easy money from a higher perspective, so you can manage it with even more clarity.

BONUS: Spiritual Money Truths (PDF)

  • An inspiring and exclusive list of profound advice on attracting wealth from celebrated money teachers and real-life millionaires.

BONUS: Daily Universal Check template (PDF)

  • Beautiful checks for daily play.

  • Fill them out and use them over and over again!

BONUS: Daily Ritual checklist

  • Easily stay accountable, keep track and build your momentum!

  • Get into a state of flow!

BONUS: The Brainstormer

  • A juicy list of expanded ways to spend great wealth to spark your imagination.

The SuperKit blends together:

  1. The principles of the Prosperity Game, where you vibrationally spend great wealth and raise your vibrations to that colossal level.

  2. A grounding and authentic daily practice that's also highly practical and efficient.

  3. A system to gently release blocks and BRIDGE the game aspect into real-life EXPERIENCE, and it's all within your control.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it,

is to spend almost $500,000 Game dollars in 31 days

on anything that maximizes your fun, inspires you and elevates your life!


I just read the materials and I was literally in awe of how much work and thought you put into it.

It's truly phenomenal!


Already playing it and I'm having so much fun with it! It feels joyful and expansive! Thank you!


It's F*CKING awesome!!!!

I can't believe how much work you've put into it!!!


So awesome!!!

At Joyful Life Mastery, we guarantee that you'll find incredible value in anything you purchase or experience here.

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“Some say that you should not want money at all because the desire for money is materialistic and not spiritual.

But we want you to remember that you are here in this very physical world where Spirit has materialized.

You cannot separate yourself from the aspect of yourself that is spiritual, and while you are here in these bodies, you cannot separate yourselves from that which is physical or material.

All the magnificent things of a physical nature that are surrounding you are Spiritual in nature.”



Ready, download, play!

The Prosperity Game


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