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The Prosperity Game

A Daily Wealth Boost


The Prosperity Game SuperKit

A daily money management and mastery system (Master Your Money)


A mindful, manifesting-based projected budget (The Prosperity Game Superkit)

Align With Abundance

Craft your wealth vision with targeted trackers. 

Change your entire relationship to abundance in 7 days.

Blend the manifesting power of the Law of Attraction Prosperity Game with highly effective money mastery.

Take a little time each day to plan enjoyment into your life vision

A life vision filled with adventure…and a whole lot of fun with loved ones.

More focusing on your dreams and goals and a clear way forward with action.

And time to focus on meaning, legacy and generosity.


It's not only a Game, it's an abundance training program.

And a reminder...

That we’re all in this together.

To be thankful for each and every moment we’re alive.

And to help us raise each other’s vibrations in any way we can.

Inspired by the Abraham-Hicks' Prosperity Game, the Superkit is a Law of Attraction money program that helps you practice money mastery with visualization and wealth play-planning through focused spending, saving and investing.


The Superkit will help you:

  • ​Reduce confusion and fogginess around your money goals.

  • Spark your desires to focus on what you really want.

  • Boost your self-motivation so you can move audaciously towards your goals.

  • Enjoy ultimate control in how you spend, save, invest and manage your money. (The SuperKit has some unique twists on the original Prosperity Game that you won't find anywhere else.)

  • Manage your money better and better every day.

  • Get your hands right in there with a practical system that you can actually use.

  • Manage the details so you can build a framework that works in real life

  • Receive epic creative ideas the more you play.

Abundance covers a lot of things...


But out of all of these, money is the one word that carries the most triggers for many of us.

The SuperKit helps you recognize and diffuse these money triggers (with examples).


Why was the SuperKit created?

I know how it feels to be confused and worried about abundance...about money. Oh boy, do I ever. We went from crippling debt and raging hopelessness to taking clear action to clean our slate and start over. But I had to change old money stories first and create new desires from a different mindset.

The Superkit can help you re-align your money relationship (as I did). So you can expand into what you desire. Get excited about your life...and share your gifts and beautiful Self with the world!

Dive straight into the practice.

The SuperKit is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

It's a daily practice that will help you direct your focus and attention to abundance every single time you play.

In this Game, you'll enjoy doing wonderful things and doing good deeds with your money - helping where you desire. 


Now for the juicy stuff.

Here's what you receive in the SuperKit:

1 Playbook.png

The Playbook

PDF with full instructions and a Bonus eBook.

  • How to clear your old energetic connections to money for good.

  • The 6 most common mental money blocks, and how to break through those.

  • Lightworkers, creatives and artists have unique money blocks - you'll get fresh insight into how to resolve these.

  • The NEW Prosperity Game based on the Ka-Ching Progression. :) This alone will have you moving quickly.

2 Playsheets.png

The Playsheets

Excel spreadsheet with 9 done-for-you sheets.

playsheet1 still.png

 1. Classic Prosperity Game

31 days set up and ready to go!

  • Manage your game dollars and spend, save and invest abundantly! 

  • Enjoy the experience and the moment!

  • Customize the Playsheet and use it over and over again.

Playsheet special.png

 2. Special Deposits

  • Track your special short term and long term plans so you can see them visually increasing. 

  • “See” yourself paying off your debts. 

  • Practice allocating more money towards investments, family goals, trips and other luxury goals.

playsheet monthly.png

 3. Monthly Money

  • “See” and play with your money over the full play month.

  • Move your money around, and get into the “feeling place” of being an expert money manager.

  • Use it every month!

playsheet universal.png

 4. Universal Gifts

  • Bless everything that comes in - and watch them grow! 

  • Keep track easily of your vibrational journey and your manifestations.

playsheet inspired.png

 5. Inspired Thoughts

  • Store all the new ideas that are going to RISE up like you won’t believe! Guaranteed.

  • Brainstorm your ideas and offerings of value.

  • Keep track of them with the Quick Guide to decide which to start on first.

playsheet cool.png

 6. Cool Stuff

  • Keep track of inspired ideas that pop up which don’t require much or any money at all.

  • As you play, you'll tap into more and more inspiration.

playsheet daily.png

 7. Daily Ritual

  • A daily tracker to keep the momentum moving forward.

  • Click the Done button when completed each day for a quick and fun tap on the back!

playsheet easy.png

 8. Easy Game (new!)

  • Use this trick to familiarize your brain with receiving and spending more money.

  • Discover how to ease into a "believer" mindset.

  • Bridge reality with envisioning (this sheet ALONE can get you moving forward quickly!)

playsheet easy monthly.png

 9. Easy Monthly (new!)

  • A full inspirational monthly template, set up and ready.

  • Simply plug in your numbers where indicated and watch everything fill in for you.

  • View your easy money from a higher perspective, so you can manage it with even more clarity.

Plus these sweet bonuses...

3 money truths.png

Bonus 1


Spiritual Money

  • An inspiring and fun list of wealth tips from celebrated money teachers. Use them as screen savers or as a desktop background for daily inspiration.

4 Universal checks.png

Bonus 2


Universal Check Templates

  • Beautiful checks for daily play on a PDF.

  • Fill them out and use them over and over again!

  • Place them on your desktop, or print them!

5 daily ritual.png

Bonus 3

daily rit.gif

Daily Ritual

  • The Daily Ritual Checklist as a beautiful image for your desktop.

  • Enhance prosperity with Spirit with the Daily Invocation.

  • Welcome in all possibilities of abundance with the Releasing & Clearing Invocation.

Bonus 4


The Brainstormer

  • A juicy list of expanded ways to spend great wealth to spark your imagination.

  • Fun suggestions of how to share your legacy!

  • Use your wealth for the highest good of all!

6 brainstormer.png

Special Bonus

NEW Prosperity Game Superkit (5).png

Master Your Money


If you’ve been yearning to freshen up and streamline your current finances, then you’ll enjoy this fun tracker.

Set up your budget in a day and sow the seeds for tomorrow. Manage and master your money in only 10 minutes a week.

It's super simple.




I just read the materials and I was literally in awe of how much work and thought you put into it.

It's truly phenomenal!


Already playing it and I'm having so much fun with it! It feels joyful and expansive! Thank you!



It's F*CKING awesome!!!!

I can't believe how much work you've put into it!!!

Logos (23).png


So awesome!!!

Pink to Orange Gradient

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of the SuperKit?

The SuperKit is an abundance visualization game with highly practical and effective twists.

It infuses attractive manifesting techniques into a fun, daily receiving, saving and spending mental habit.

What can I expect from playing the Game?

Firstly - FUN!!!

Secondly - real-life practical and inspired action steps that initiate you into the flow of abundance.

Thirdly - consciously experience wealth coming into your life and manage it.


As you continue to play, you become more aware of real-time money coming into your life, and you also become more sensitive to how and where you spend it.

You'll learn how to train yourself to recognize, receive and manage abundance.

This is conscious creating.



What did players experience while using the SuperKit?

  • Exploring (and signing up with) debt replayment plans that stopped interest in its tracks, and opened up more money each month.

  • Developing a brand new respect for money and a far better ability to manage it.

  • Receiving anywhere from small to large sums of money in one swoop in real life (in two cases, over $10,000).

  • Experiencing more clarity and fun at home.

  • Exciting new rushes of creativity.

  • Gaining a new refreshed focus at work.

  • Cleaning up their current money management with the Master Your Money worksheet.

  • Life inspirations beyond the personal arena.  

  • Manifesting longed-for vacations and much, much more.

Is this just a Game?

It is a highly enhanced version of the original Game, supercharged with inspiration that is aligned to you and your desires. It's really a mind and action-based exercise you do for 5-15 minutes a day,

The SuperKit contains a solid and highly efficient framework that moves you towards an abundant mindset.

It will fuel your natural desire to live and align with life in a meaningful way.

And it clears space to allow in more money, abundance and wealth through other avenues.

It becomes much more than a game...

Use worksheets as your own money management system right now, and cross the game over into real life.

And now for the "not-so-much-a-Game" aspects...

Think of the SuperKit as a daily grounding exercise. It supports you as you go through the challenging realities of moving from where you are to where you want to be.


Changing mindset and habits can be not only challenging, but sometimes difficult. The journey towards attracting money, building wealth, optimizing our lives, and thinking with an innovative growth-mindset helps to change us into that future person with this new perspective.

What makes this different from other Law of Attraction money games or programs?

This is the ONLY program of its kind.

It gives you hands-on practical processes, exercises, and steps, charged with real-life flow and inspiration. ​

It makes all the difference when you can use a replicable system...Versus simply shouting out into the Universe: I'll take a gazillion dollars today, please. Gimme a car and a super sweet  house. (Although you can say that too!)

  • Who is this Adventure for?
    My tribe: You are spiritually aligned and love to have fun. You are an artist, a creative, or a lightworker passionate about expressing yourself and sharing your art and raising the world's vibrations, even if you work a day job to support your creative flow. You're a Law of Attraction lover (don't have to be as long as you're aligned with spiritual concepts and love & light) - BUT you are ALSO a kickass action taker. You are COMMITTED to kick "boring" aside and BE the person you are meant to be. You are ready for love. Not in an airy-fairy I loves all kind of way, but FULL-ON I AM GOING TO FUCKING LOVE MYSELF BY GOD, IF IT TAKES ALL YEAR!!!! Who this is NOT for: Anyone who doesn't have time to play with the Love Tasks and Challenges. If you're a full-on "reader" and prefer to watch life from the outside, this is not for you. Anyone who is bothered by the odd cuss word. Coz I sprinkle those babies around like salt and fucking pepper to make my points!! All done with love!
  • Is the Adventure an online course or a live program?
    It's a bit of both :) Anytime play: This is an exciting online 6-week Adventure that you participate in from the comfort of your own home, and on your own schedule. There are 6 Levels - 1 Level for each week. Live play: If you're a VIP, you'll also have 1:1 LIVE access to me through 2 sessions and the Interactive Scroll. Woo hoo! Regardless of whether you sign up for the main Adventure or the VIP upgrade, you'll have access to real-life Facebook group members to play with! You will share your Tasks or Challenges (or both) in the live Group, when you're ready for that live aspect. Each Level has: - content related to the Level you're playing in. - a Love Task, where you take a small, fun action step based on the lesson. - a Love Challenge, where you take a different type of action - one which gently stretches your comfort zone, so that you can experience the benefits of transformation a little at a time. Just do it. You'll thank me later :) Don't understimate the power of small, fun and silly daily actions - indeed I have witnessed LIFE CHANGING transformations from players from JUST the Love Tasks.
  • How do I join the Adventure?
    When you sign up, you'll receive a welcome email. As soon as the Adventure launches, you'll receive another email with the access page details You'll be walked through the Adventure daily and all you have to do is play! Sign up by June 30 for the early signing bonuses!
  • How is this scheduled? Does it start and end on a certain date?
    Once the Adventure launches in August, you can join anytime. When you join the VIP Adventure, you'll get to book 2 sessions with me. Both sessions should be completed within 10 weeks of your start date to get you REALLY into it! The Interactive Scroll will go live for 8 weeks from the date Level 1 starts. The main Adventure content is there for you to access and start whenever you like. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll see the benefits!
  • How long will I have access to the Adventure?
    Forever! The Adventure will be available for you for as long as you wish. So devour it day-by-day, and re-play it for a refresh anytime! My suggestion: Once you've completed the full Adventure, set up a Calendar reminder to go through it again each January as a wonderful refresh to your new year!
  • How much time will I spend on the Adventure course material?
    Anywhere from a fun 5-15 minutes a day. You will find yourself contemplating the Love Tasks and Challenges during the day and getting aha's and powerful insights, as other players have done. I highly encourage any time that you spend on top of that to be used for fabulous daydreaming about anything you love. The short answer: as long as it feels good!
  • I'm a Law of Attraction lover, does this Adventure relate to manifesting?"
    YES! The more you love YOURSELF AS YOU ARE, the more this energy radiates into a natural gratitude. It becomes SO much easier to notice life's mysteries and gifts. The momentum from this love and gratitude snowballs into revealing and recognizing our own unique gifts and purpose (some of which can change over time!). Self-love is one of the steps to manifest your desires - and we'll talk about each step in the very first lesson! The Great Love Adventure sets a powerful base from which you can launch your desires and enjoy your life. But - and let this sink in deeply, Beautiful - everything comes back to SELF LOVE. Always. The next upcoming Adventure is a step-by-step manifesting experience which will walk you through the Big 3 manifesting tools and customize them to whatever the heck dreams you've been hiding away. Ain't no hiding those anymore! That's The Dragon Master Adventure.
  • Is this a religious Adventure?
    Not at all. However it IS spiritually based and aligned with peace, love, light and the harmonious connection between ourselves and the world. You will find beautiful and powerful quotes sprinkled into the Adventure, shared for their deep wisdom, regardless of faith. I use the words Universe or Source to allude to whatever - whoever - is the Divine magical energy that connects everything out there. You can be from any faith, or be completely non-religious, to enjoy this Adventure.After all, it's all about YOU.
  • How and when will I receive my yummy Bonuses?
    If you book by June 30, you'll receive an email to arrange your Angel card reading within 1 week from booking. You'll also receive a link to the Law of Attraction Enchanted Game: Self Confidence Unleashed! 14-day course, as soon as sit launches in June The Great Love Adventure bonuses will be unlocked at just the right places along the way at different Levels, so they build upon the material. You can download the meditation audios for easy listening anywhere.
  • I have a question, how can I contact you?"
    We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send us an email at We'll always do our very best to get back to you within a couple of days. And if we're on holiday, you'll receive a nice message letting you know that we've toddled off for a bit, and will get back to you soon after.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    Try the Adventure for a full week and if you're not having fun, then email us for a full refund. There are no refunds on the VIP sessions.

Try The Prosperity Game SuperKit for a full 60-days, 100% risk-free.

If you don't love it, just send us an email at at any time during the first 60 days and we'll refund 100% of your price.

Get Instant Access Today

The Prosperity Game SuperKit

Value $699    Only $59


About PK Davies


P.K. Davies creates fun manifesting tools that bring LOA concepts to life. 

She uses the Master Your Money system daily and practises LOA "with heart" (no bypassing, no shaming).

She believes that we can all help each other raise our vibrations to feel grounded and inspired.

P.K. Davies is British-born and lives in Canada with her family. 

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