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Hello beautiful Soul!


Your path lies in front of you, a golden road of opportunity towards your dreams and desires.

Fuelled by your inner journey and transformation.


At any stage, you can turn away from your road - as we all do from time to time.

And when you're ready, you can draw upon your courage and step back upon your path to live life like never before!

To dream and fuel each day with your creations and offer the world your energy.

Create - Serve - Connect

The purpose of our products and tools is to help people find their spark and fuel their path forward in this lifetime. To live with self-expression and delight. To re-heal ourselves by diving within and replenishing, so we have the energy to live and serve the world together. 

I invite you to explore the offerings here at Joyful Life Mastery, and try out those that you feel will support or inspire you on your journey. All of them have been created with great love and affection.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback. We welcome them!

May your path enrich your life with purpose and vitality!


PK Davies

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About PK Davies...

PK Davies is a creator, narrator and artist. Originally from England, she currently lives in Canada with her family.

Once PK Davies discovered the Law of Attraction, she was relieved to discover that dancing on speakers at office parties was actually a good thing and attracted more fun experiences!

Thankfully, she doesn't dance on speakers anymore as she's busy creating, playing with her kitten and annoying her children with too many hugs and kisses.

After earning a degree in Psychology and English Literature, PK went on a learning spree, earning a diploma in Homeopathy and certifications as a life coach, in hypnotherapy, reiki and Ho'oponopono.

Though she has worked in the field of administration management for years (to pay for all her courses), PK is also a voice artist, an avid Hawaii-lover, and a fiction author.

PK Davies uses all the Joyful Life Mastery Law of Attraction offerings herself. They have helped her move from a dreamy starry-eyed young woman in debt, battling the frustrations, anxieties and depression of daily life, to living in grateful abundance and optimism. She believes that everyone has a burning desire to design their own lives, to live enthusiastically and well, and her offerings reflect this.


PK Davies also believes in the magical…the unseen powerful creative elements of the Universe. These mystical elements are woven through her joyful and down-to-earth offerings.

* Love, Beauty and Harmony *

PK Davies is a multiple award-winning author.

She loves blending the best of science with nature.

She has been featured as a guest for the Calling All Angels Radio Show, hosted by The Law of Attraction Radio Network.

Her articles have been featured in Vitality Magazine, Confluence Daily, Medium,  Think Simple Now, Positively Positive and Mike Dooley's TUT Blog.


Instagram (New):


Joyful Life Mastery for high vibing content

The Magical Circle for manifesting

Music by Ken Davies 

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Just launched!

The Joyful Journals Collection
Celebrate gratitude and create your vision!

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Just launched ..for kids:

Imagine a world with children who believe in themselves, who believe in the beauty of their hearts and who connect to each other with love and friendship.

Just the way children are born to be!

In these little workbooks, kids will have help writing letters, numbers and words...and receive a joyful boost writing heartwarming positive affirmations.

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"An outstanding and beneficial educational resource for parents or other caregivers to help young children learn and practice tracing skills."

- Mary Kelso, Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) and Learning Behavior Specialist for Special Needs students. 

Click the button below to order...

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Includes The Master Your Money Now Tracker

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