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Magical  Manifesting Store

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Welcome to the Enchanted Meditations and Joyful Life Mastery Magical Store!

Everything here is based around daily positivity and self esteem.


Each of these manifesting tools nurture your body, mind and spirit through daily exercises, meditations, and positive affirmations. They foster self-love, self-esteem, inspiration, mindfulness and gratitude

And they remind you of the true powerhouse that you are...

A divine child of the Universe - born to create, and live with magic!

All our manifesting tools are available for instant download. Browse the collection below and start as soon as today.

Manifesting Books

Click on the images to order.

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Daily Abundance

Manifesting Books

Enchanted Audios


Step into an enchanted space and meet a magical Guide.

Release all the stresses of the day...all your worries and anxieties.

Welcome in soothing comfort, relaxation and experience a great night's sleep or an inspired day.

Set to relaxing and harmonic music and ending with 3-D EnVision Activations, each 30 minute audio mp3 comes as 6 versions for over 3 hours of run time:

  • North American

  • UK

  • Subliminal

  • Plus each of the above as "melody-free" for those who can't listen to melodies before sleeping.

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Release stress and lingering frustration.

Connect with your spirit guide and enhance feelings of pure peace and resilience.


Divine Dreams CD Covers (12).jpg

Gently release worries and anxieties.

Connect to your spirit guide and enhance feelings of courage and worthiness.


Divine Dreams CD Covers (13).jpg

Gently release loneliness and sadness.

Connect to Mother Earth. And bring rejuvenating light into your heart area. 


Divine Dreams Sleep Stories Bundle

Divine Dreams CD Covers (5).png

This Bundle includes all versions of the 3 Divine Sleep stories. A great gift to yourself to help you relieve stresses and fall asleep wonderfully.


Divine Dreams Complete Sleep System

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This Bundle includes all versions of the 3 Divine Sleep stories. It also includes the full manifesting and left-brain, right-brain sleep system. 

Launch price $39

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Play this audio daily to add positivity and inspiration to your day. Enhance all that is there within you, as you embrace all of your aspects and invite in your magical life.


Enchanted Meditations
Bedtime Meditation Bundle
Divine Dreams Sleep System

At Enchanted Meditations & Joyful Life Mastery, we guarantee that you'll find incredible value in anything you purchase or experience here.

If you are not satisfied, simply send us an email at with the details. We'll gladly refund you within 30 days of purchase.

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