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You were meant to SHINE by contributing to the world!



There is no one like you in the world, and there never will be! 

The Law of Attraction Game Book: 28 Days of Love

SPARK Your Self Worth With Daily Inspiration. IGNITE Your Self Esteem and Self Confidence With FUN!


"I'm not good enough..."

Untrue. You are filled with incredible potential and you've already come a long way.


We all have down times when we feel totally inferior or lacking in some way and these can hold us back or keep us stuck. The truth is, most of that is in our mind. And the rest can be transformed with focus and clarity. 

Find out why you need to boost your self worth before you go for your goals, and how it affects your manifesting.


You have a great many strengths - find them, maximize them and use them to contribute to the world! 

I walk you through how to do this in the award-winning Law of Attraction Game Book. Read more.

The Cosmic Playbook:

30 Vital Mini Meditations For Love, Hope and Courage


Change your focus and attention quickly with daily inspiration, and feel better!

When you want to feel better quickly, dive into any of the 30 Vital mini meditations.

Reset your intentions and focus, so you can face forward and move into your dreams and goals.

You will love these bite sized inspirational tidbits, blended with power affirmations and designed to raise your vibrations immediately.

The Cosmic Playbook for Writers:

30 Vital Mini Meditations to Boost Your Creativity, Resilience & Passion


Daily inspiration for writers, bloggers and authors!

30 little mini meditations walk with you, hand-in-hand through the unique journey that writers face.

You'll be able to ease your fears about going public with your work and look forward to the creative process!

Also included are power affirmations just for writers and an abundance meditation. 

THE MASTER LIST: 222 Magnificent Books for Body, Mind & Spirit: Recommended New Thought, New Age, Spiritual, Manifesting & Law of Attraction Books That Will Elevate Your Life!


BEST Law of Attraction, manifesting books and more!

28 Days new cover.png

Looking for your next LOA book to devour?


Take advantage of the Master List and Living Lists of the most highly recommended Law of Attraction, manifesting and spiritual books.


All of which have been recommended by real readers! Read more. 

Play more, invest more and expand more!



Expand your wealth mindset with short and fun daily exercises that will have you hooked for more!

The Prosperity Game SuperKit

A downloadable Law of Attraction toolkit.


"There's never enough..."

In this Game, there is more than plenty!

This tool will help you break out of a lack mindset as you play one of the most popular Law of Attraction Games!

Read more.

Enchanted Audios

The Enchanted Meditation Bundle 1:

Harness the proven benefits of meditation and affirmations with guided audios set to a beautiful and relaxing music track. Feel better, faster, with these guided audios and meditations. Read more.


The Bundle includes:

  1. 160+ Vital affirmations that supercharge your life with love and appreciation

  2. A money alignment audio that helps to release money blocks, so you can welcome in abundance

  3. A guided series of power affirmations designed to increase your self confidence each time you listen

  4. A beautiful and profound connection with your Higher Self for refreshing inspiration

Download the Enchanted Album 1, with all 4 meditations for over 70 minutes of relaxation, meditation and focused affirmations.

To download individual audios, click here.

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