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"Beautiful, Empowering, and Effective!"

Casey O'Brien Martin, Author


Manifest Beautiful Sleep

And A Day Full of Energy and Clarity

Divine Dreams Sleep System

Fall asleep faster and and enjoy the benefits of meditation, visualization and mind empowerment..

A bedtime routine that blends spirituality, mysticism and the Law of Attraction with daily meditation...

Emotional/spiritual, mental or physical sleep problems.

Here they are...

Perhaps you've found yourself staring at the ceiling at night?

Tossing and turning. Punching the pillow or refluffing the covers.

With thoughts all over the place.

I too have spent many a night with thoughts and worries racing through my head.

Or just suffering from plain physical discomfort. It's not fun.


From worries, fears and anxious feelings all the way to the opposite side of excitement.


Thoughts running through the head. Things you don’t want to forget. Stuff you have to do.


Leg cramps, restless syndrome, snoring in the picture or anti-sleep nighttime habits.

There's nothing quite like that drag yourself outta bed to work after 4 hours of sleep feeling.

And all of this was BEFORE 2020 kicked in!!

Covid around the world brought in a whole other set of worries.


With all of that going on, we set out to create a system that could help listeners...

  • Fall asleep better and faster, no matter what

  • Reap the healing and emotional benefits of meditation and visualization at the same time

  • Alleviate the most common sleep problems


And we did.

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The Divine Dreams Sleep System is...

  • A practice infused with Universal spirit to cherish and nourish our emotional and spiritual aspects. So you simply feel better.

  • And a logical and practical system that covers the left-brain / right-brain spectrum for our mental and physical aspects. So you feel relieved and ready.

  • New Age Spirituality blended with Ancient Wisdom and New World techniques. So you feel expansive and connected.

3 guaranteed results were intended to come out of this System:

  1. Fall sleep FASTER and FEELNIG BETTER in 3-9 nights or less.

  2. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

  3. When using it as a daytime practice instead of at bedtime, feel incredibly relaxed and clear your mind.


The effects in real life were better!

(You can read reviews at the bottom of this page.)

Advance Review
Pink Powder

"Beautiful, Empowering, and Effective!"

"I’ve been listening to Priya’s meditations for a month now, mostly in the evenings, to help heal insomnia. So far, I’ve been experiencing some amazing shifts! Her voice is loving and soothing, and the meditations are like a piece of art, seriously!

There are so many different layers of relaxing music and different sounds – it can really help you dive deep and release all the negativity. Her chanting is simply magical!

And most importantly, it works! I now sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed. Her meditations are like a shower of positivity. As I’m writing this testimonial, I can still hear her chanting, and it immediately raises my vibration.

Priya’s meditations are also beneficial if you want to release negative emotions and past traumas. Right now, I’m doing lots of inner work getting rid of negative ancestral patterns, and trust me; I had a lot of stuff to release.

To sum up – the best-guided meditation I’ve listened to so far, and I’ve tested many!"

- Elena G. Rivers, LOA & Spiritual Self-Help Author

The heart of Divine Dreams are the Sleep Story audios.


These are Sleep Stories with intention.

They inspire you with a magical dream story.

You begin to relax. A voice guides you gently into your own inner universe.

And there you meet a magical guide.

A mystical being who helps you release the burden of heavy and stressful emotions and eases you into a lighter and brighter state. 


There are 3 unique Sleep Stories…

  • Each Sleep Story invites you to journey into a sacred sanctuary, where you meet a divine Spirit Guide. You’ll release Energy Drains that will help you feel relief right away.

  • You’ll receive Gifts from your guides, enhancing that which already exists within you. 

  • You’ll harness the power of 3D EnVision Activations (intentional affirmations) that go to work from the very first time you listen.


Each Sleep Story is about 30-40 minutes long.

Listen to the one you prefer, or line ‘em all up on your playlist and let them play while you fall asleep.

Pure Peace Sleep Story Meditation
The Secret Forest Sleep Story Meditation.png
Golden Earth Sleep Story Meditation.png

Right now...

...perhaps you’re struggling to clear your mind and emotions before you sleep?

Imagine gently releasing all your stress at the end of the day.

Imagine waking up each morning feeling naturally refreshed, with more energy!

Sleep Stories

Divine Dreams works for creatives, teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs, moms, dads, students and more. Men, women, teens and kids have tested this system.


Let’s take a closer look at Divine Dreams…


Not only will you get a really good night’s sleep…which will completely elevate your next day.

You will also feel great while you fall asleep.

To let go of all those stressful thoughts crowding around in your mind that pop up just when you’re trying to fall asleep…


  • The shopping lists.

  • The to-do’s.

  • Something that you posted on social media that you now really regret.

  • The upcoming event that you’re both excited and terrified about.

  • Something you forgot to do.

  • That text you sent that you’re worried about.

  • That stuff going on at school.

  • Worry. Despair.

  • That thing that happened at work.

  • Worries about your business and the never-ending actions that have to be taken.



At bedtime, let it all go…


You'll receive practices and tools that will help you with all of these.

The Divine Dreams Sleep System:

3 Divine Sleep Stories

  • Pure Peace Mermaid Meditation (music composed by Kenneth Davies)

  • The Secret Forest

  • Golden Earth Divine Heart Activation


Bonuses for more intensive manifesting:

  • Each audio comes as a North American version, a UK version and a Subliminal version.

  • Plus the "melody-free" versions of each (more on that in the FAQ below).

  • The Sleep Story Scripts so you can read them whenever you like.

That's 6 versions of each Sleep Story

= 18 audios in total (9 hours)

By the way...if you want only the audios without the full Sleep System, check the FAQ section for the individual links!

Divine Dreams Sleep Story Meditations
Divine Dreams Sleep Story Scripts (2).pn
Sonic Therapy with Divine Dreams

Our unique Sonic Therapy.

…to help you release stress so you can feel better immediately.

Every time you listen to the audios, you’ll find yourself relaxing faster and faster.

Our 3D EnVision Activations at the end of each Sleep Story.

…help lock in the effects and imprint them into your subconscious mind.

It's a potent mind empowerment tool that enhances mindset and manifesting from within!

Positive Affirmation
Divine Dreams Sleep System.png

The Sleep System MindMap Method…

Release everything before you go to sleep with our MindMap Method and the D.O.S.E. Method.

These techniques take less than 10 minutes!

Bonus Natural Remedy File…

Recommendations for some of the most common physical sleep issues:

  • General sleeplessness

  • Leg and foot cramps

  • Restless leg syndrome

  • Whether to drink milk at night or not

  • And more

Divine Dreams Natural Remedies.png

Click below to hear a sample of the North American and the UK versions...

What You Receive

What to expect when you start...


The first few times you listen, your conscious mind will be curious to hear the Sleep Stories and discover what this is all about.

As soon as your subconscious notices and accepts that it’s non-threatening, your barriers will begin to go down and you’ll find it easier and faster to fall asleep.


This can happen anywhere from one night to just a couple of nights!

Expect to start feeling better and better each time you listen.

You'll feel far more relaxed waking up the next day.

And you'll also feel more enthusiastic and clear-minded.


You can get started right away.

Tonight, in fact.

(Why wait? 😉)

What To Expect


Pink Powder

"One of the best meditation and sleep systems I ever tried."

"I had an opportunity to listen to 3 audio tracks from Enchanted Meditations. There are so many great things that I could say about the complete set which also included 4 pdf files and a spreadsheet that I could customize. Let me summarize into 3 takeaways.


1) First, the narrator Priya's voice is so soothing and magical. Her guided meditation in all the 3 audio tracks helped me immediately settle down and get me into a meditative mood.


2) Second, the music used in all the tracks is very soothing and complemented Priya's voice exceptionally well.

3) And my favorite is the Secret Forest story. This piece is not only a meditative piece but also for self-acceptance which helped me to motivate myself.


Even though the tracks were meant to be bedtime meditation pieces, I listened to them whenever I wanted to de-stress myself. The music and the voice helped me concentrate on my focused tasks afterwards. 


And the natural sleep remedies mentioned in the PDF were complete. I really liked the diligence shown in putting together a complete package which included a spreadsheet that I could use to customize and personalize just for myself."

- Ramesh Dontha, Entrepreneur  |  Bestselling Author  |  Podcast host

"I really enjoyed the Divine Dreams collection!"

"I used these guided meditations to help me fall asleep, and was able to drift off peacefully. I felt well-rested in the morning.  I will say, I have never listened to the whole recording while awake, because these wonderful meditations always sent me into a blissful, restful slumber."

- Casey O'Brien Martin, author

Skills for Big Feelings: A Guide for Teaching Kids Relaxation, Regulation, and Coping Techniques

"Her words are magic!"

"I've been following Priya for a long time. Her guided meditations are part of my days: in the morning just awake, when I need positivity or the night relaxation before going to sleep. Her words are magic!


I feel like my life has changed for the better since I started to follow her...morning positivity, feeling full of energy during the day and the sense of relaxation that infuses before falling asleep...pure magic!"

- Giovanni Antonelli, Publisher, Italy 

"I found Priya's guided meditation extremely helpful."

"You feel calm and serene when you follow her words.


I do not have the habit of meditating for a long period or before sleep. I begin each day with a short session of 5-10 minutes. Divine Dreams helps you start your day on a positive note.


Unlike most other coaches, Priya takes you on an alternate story based path with visualization that has helped me reduce those random thoughts popping up. The soothing background music and her deep voice make the whole process all the more better."

- Maxim D’Souza, Personal Development Blogger, Productive Club

"These sleep meditations are fantastic!"

"I struggle to find meditations that can help me, due to sound sensitivity from frequent headaches. The sound of these has a very soothing and gentle quality.


Then the meditations themselves combine everything I've been looking for: they focus on relaxation to help with anxiety, walk you through some work on self-worth, and provide help to get to sleep.


I have found them helpful in every one of these aspects. I would have been thrilled to have finally found any one of these things that works with my headaches; I am loving that I found all of this in one!"

- Andi H. Koenig

Pink Powder

"SO inspiring and divine!"


"Oh WOW, this is FABULOUS!!!!"


"Ahhhhh, I feel SO relaxed! Thank you Priya!!!"


"Her audios are life changing. My insomnia is gone."


"Your voice reminds me of Galadriel from Lord of the Rings." (UK versions)


Are you ready to try Divine Dreams?

Divine Dreams Sleep System




The launch price will be ending soon.


You're covered with our 30 day full money-back guarantee.

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Priya Khajuria

Hey there!


I create life changing meditations and manifesting tools that integrate manifesting, mindfulness, The Law of Attraction, mindset, magic, yogic philosophy and hands-on actionable practices in a way that gives you results from the very first day.

They are all geared to bring the sparkle back to life and keep us on our manifesting journey!


I’m originally from England and live in North America now with my family.

I voice all meditations in Divine Dreams with both accents.

Yes, they come with a UK version for extra sexiness. You’re welcome.

See you on the inside!



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