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Get Aligned Again With This Daily Activation!

Vital Affirmations
Vital Affirmations
Vital Affirmations
Vital Affirmations




Bonuses included till Aug 3

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"I loved this vital affirmation set!"

Casey O'Brien Martin, Author

Hey Beautiful...

Have you been finding yourself distracted, stressed out or simply agonized lately?

We're emerging out of one of the most bizarre and excrutiating world scenarios in recent times. And it's affected every one of us around the globe.

How do we move back towards alignment?

How do we come out of these times?

And not just come out of it safely - but to thrive?

To live. To accept ourselves fully.

And to believe that we can manifest all that is so dear to us...








Vital Affirmations

An extraordinary "refocus-and-refresh" audio collection.
To take root.
To envision...and to fly.

If you've been feeling the call...

The call back to yourself...

To find your way through these crazy times and reach for your dreams again...

Vital Affirmations are a collection of 200 Affirmations that bring a huge dose of illumination into 28 areas of your life.

  • automatically raise your vibrations as you listen

  • feel lighter and more hopeful immediately

  • strengthen your connection with your inner self

  • remind you of your courage and inner power daily so it builds momentum!

What this is not:

This is not about forcing yourself to "be positive all the time."

We can't ignore Life no matter what the "experts" say.


This is about accepting yourself. 

When you feel wounded and hurt.

When you feel sad and despairing.

And when you feel good.


Use the Affirmations daily to lift your spirits naturally.

In the Guidebook, you'll learn about...

  • How affirmations can manifest in the strangest of ways.

  • How to use the T.R.A.C.K. Method to turbo charge your affirmations without bypassing or "faking it".

  • How to create a bold and strong affirmation using the 6-Point Checklist.

  • 7 Affirmations for difficult times.

  • Which types of affirmations are proven to work better as audios.


What makes this different from other affirmation audios...

  • The affirmations sound natural and pleasant (no harsh narration).

  • They're worded in a way that allows for intentions and results (room to move and expand).

  • They'll cheer you up quickly.

  • The affirmations are uniquely intuitive. They cover areas of life that are REAL and affect your day-to-day experience.

  • 5 versions and a guidebook bring you a variety of ways to imprint (without bypassing Life).

  • You're covered by our 100% 60-day Guarantee. 

What to expect...

Loving affirmations

These affirmations gently enhance loving relationships.

Worthy affirmations

Daily listening amplifies your natural qualities. 

Heartwarming affirmations

Invite beautiful and fresh new possibilities into your life.

What To Expect

Here's what you'll receive: 

Vital Affirmations
Vital Affirmations
Vital Affirmations
Vital Affirmations
Vital Affirmations
Vital Affirmations

The North American version in the first person (I/me)

The UK version in the first person (I/me)

The North American version in the second person (You)

The UK version in the second person (You)

The Subliminal version in the second person (You)

The Vital Affirmations Playbook (72-page PDF)

All the Vital Affirmations in a beautiful PDF, so you can read through them any time for maximum effect.

Vital Affirmations

The Vital Affirmations Guidebook (27-page PDF)

The T.R.A.C.K Method to align with affirmations

The 6-Point Affirmation Checklist to ensure they are optimized!

And much more...


BONUS: T.R.A.C.K er PDF so you can work with your affirmations.

What You Receive

The 28 life areas that are supercharged by Vital Affirmations:

Your Mind

Compliments from Others


Cool things About You

Your Accomplishments

Your Kindness

Qualities of Someone Special

A New Appreciation of Yourself

Your Laugh

What You Love About Yourself

Your Face

Your Hair & Head

Your Body

The Fun & Quirky You

Your Skin

Your Voice








Your Stuff

The Great Outdoors

The Past

The Future

The Present

Pink Powder


"I loved this vital affirmation set!"

I appreciate how there are not only audio files, but also beautiful written versions of the affirmation so you can print them out and post them as reminders!

One of my favorite features is that the affirmations seem realistic to me such as "I'm a high achiever and I enjoy my journey with all the little bumps along the way." 

The Guidebook was also a helpful tool, and I appreciate how it walks you through the steps of reframing - such a great life skill! 

- Casey O'Brien Martin, Author

Skills for Big Feelings: A Guide for Teaching Kids Relaxation, Regulation, and Coping Techniques


Pink Powder

"I could feel my heart lightening and my spirit smiling."


I loved that Priya suggests to breathe and relax, but you can then go about your activities while the affirmations play in the background. The words washed over me like a light breeze, I was hardly aware of the beautiful messages that were manifesting.


Adding the affirmations written in the Playbook doubled their impact and helped me to choose ones that I felt particularly in need of. I repeat them to myself often.


The Guide Book makes this trio immensely impactful.  Priya has made this so user friendly.  She transforms manifesting into simple steps with real life examples.  I use these principles daily. I highly recommend this collection. Each piece enhances the other.  You will undoubtedly discover changes as quickly as I have.

- Keridak Silk, Author, Intuitive Coach & Hypnotist



I’ve been listening to Priya’s brand new meditations for over a month now. And here’s how I can describe her work in one word: PEACE!

Or, to be more precise, INNER PEACE!

If you struggle with anxiety, stress, or old negative patterns and are ready to release them, Priya’s meditations might hold the answers you’ve been seeking. Seriously!

I no longer overreact to people and situations that used to trigger me. It’s almost like experiencing a new personality. And as Doctor Joe Dispenza says- your personality creates your personal reality! 

It all starts with inner peace.

- Elena G.Rivers, Author

Pink Powder

"Oh WOW, this is FABULOUS!!!!"


"OMG your voice Priya!!! 

I can't get enough of your recordings!!!

I'm a nurse and I literally feel the stress going out out OUT!!!

And the Higher Self audio had me in tears, thank you!"



"Ahhhhh, I feel SO relaxed! Thank you Priya !!!"


"Your voice reminds me of Galadriel from Lord of the Rings." (UK versions)


Vital Affirmations
Vital Affirmations
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Vital Affirmations



Only $17

Download It

Hi, I'm Priya

Vital Affirmations will help shift your attention to a harmonious connection between yourself and the world. No matter what's happening. And yet, without bypassing Life.

Each time you listen, you'll reboot your powerful self-image that is based in Truth.

Yes, that means that even when you feel down, or low, or unloved - this audio will help you through it.

Your life carries so much possibilities and magic - it's time to share your gifts, talents and skills with the world!



Priya narrates for meditation app companies, self-development audiobooks and other voice projects. 

She has won multiple awards for her manifesting products which elevate creativity and yet are grounded with hands-on mindful practices.

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