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Vital Affirmations

Designed for Spiritual Rebels...
...Those who walk their own path.
Those who desire - more than anything - to follow their intuition.
Those who need a place to refresh, to take root, to envision...and fly!
What if you could empower yourself each day?
What if you could rebound faster from hard times?
What if it could get easier and easier every day to attract and live your dreams?

We are living in unusual times!

Break through and create your life anyway.

The most powerful manifestors in the world know how to do one thing well...

They understand the power of self-talk. 

No amount of "action" or "wishing" or even visualizing will help manifesting if your underlying Self is not in alignment.

The great news is that using affirmations can be one of the most powerful tools to use self-talk.

It helps override negative self-talk with something more positive and hopeful.

It helps bring future envisioning into the present.

The key is in using affirmations correctly...

Affirmations are mantras


Mantras have been used for thousands of years.


Repetition infuses the sound deep into your spirit.

And the meanings into your subconscious.

The energy propels forth a magnetism.

That expands with increased attention.

It transcends time and space.

And merges with the collective unconscious.

It brings the unmanifest into Being.

And harnesses the power of the Universe!

It's completely possible to successfully attract and create wonderful Life experiences without bypassing the not-so-great things. 

Without being fake-happy.

Using affirmations in the right way can be a powerful technique to reboot each and every day.

Successful people have harnessed the power of affirmations for thousands of years.

And you can too...

Even though each of us is unique in our own way, we all have just about the same core desires and needs.

They go way beyond religion, politics, culture or creed.

These, my friend, are what unite us...







We want to feel free - and feel good!

And so...

I invite you to try the Vital Affirmations collection.

It's a CORE collection by Enchanted Meditations, with music composed by Kenneth Davies.

Vital Affirmations is powered up with 200 Affirmations that boost 28 life aspects.

  •  It jumpstarts the manifesting process!

  • It automatically raises your vibrations!

  • It brightens up your immediate life areas.

  • It's an affirming daily inner power Challenge! 

  • It strengthens your connection with your inner self.

  • It reminds you of your beauty, courage and inner power!


It helps align with the "reality" of life in the Now...

And yes, you will feel real good!

You'll see ideal situations come to life - ones that you never thought possible!

Are you having a crappy time at work?

No problem!

I've had many of those too!

Feel mad, feel bad.

ALLOW yourself to have all the feels!

And then give yourself a hug and some love.

Vital Affirmations can help to gently bring your attention back to YOU.

Have you been feeling unloved or ignored lately?

It's okay.

It's okay to feel it.

Cry even, share with a friend. 

And then remind yourself of how LOVABLE you actually are!

Yes - you ARE!

Vital Affirmations can help support and fortify this.

Are you feeling despair or fearful about something?

You're not alone, my friend.

Reach out to a trusted friend just to connect. Do it today.

Vital Affirmations can help you feel like you're not alone - and remind you that you have grand possibilities on your path from this moment onwards.

What this will do for you:

The affirmations engage and revitalize 28 of your life areas. They help refocus your attention on your strengths and loving intentions for yourself and your immediate circle!

Daily listening illuminates a knowing deep within - you are inherently worthy and always have been. You're rewiring and retraining your brain! 

It helps you redirect your attention back to the heartwarming aspects of your life. Each time you listen - you're reminded of the good things in your life and the possibilities that lie ahead!

Try Vital Affirmations...

Only $17

Pink Powder

I loved this vital affirmation set! I appreciate how there are not only audio files, but also beautiful written versions of the affirmation so you can print them out and post them as reminders!

One of my favorite features is that the affirmations seem realistic to me such as "I'm a high achiever and I enjoy my journey with all the little bumps along the way." 

The Guidebook was also a helpful tool, and I appreciate how it walks you through the steps of reframing - such a great life skill! 

- Casey O'Brien Martin, Author

Skills for Big Feelings: A Guide for Teaching Kids Relaxation, Regulation, and Coping Techniques


"When you make a decision to look for positive aspects in the experience that is unfolding right now, you will create an expectation that will allow an immediate manifesting of evidence to support that Vibrational shift. In other words, the more you look for positive aspects of your current life, the more positive aspects will step forward to reveal themselves to you.


The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there. The abundance that you allow is always a perfect match to your expectation."

Abraham Hicks

But do they really work?

Positive studies on using affirmations...

According to psychologist Catherine Moore:

  1. Self-affirmations have been shown to decrease health-deteriorating stress (Sherman et al., 2009; Critcher & Dunning, 2015);

  2. Self-affirmations have been used effectively in interventions that led people to increase their physical behavior (Cooke et al., 2014);

  3. They may help us to perceive otherwise “threatening” messages with less resistance, including interventions (Logel & Cohen, 2012);

  4. They can make us less likely to dismiss harmful health messages, responding instead with the intention to change for the better (Harris et al., 2007) and to eat more fruit and vegetables (Epton & Harris, 2008);

  5. They have been linked positively to academic achievement by mitigating GPA decline in students who feel left out at college (Layous et al., 2017);

  6. Self-affirmation has been demonstrated to lower stress and rumination (Koole et al., 1999; Weisenfeld et al., 2001).

Pink Powder

Celebrities who swear by affirmations...


Jim Carrey

Denzel Washington

Jennifer Lopez

Oprah Winfrey



Connor McGregor

Lady Gaga

Will Smith

   and many more...

There's something else - something crazy amazing that happens...

Habits create momentum!

The more you listen to them, the easier it is to allow the words into your awareness. 

The more often you hear the affirmations, the easier it is to make it a habit.

The more familiar you become with the affirmations, it's easier for their meanings to sink into your subconscious mind. These affect your conscious thoughts and actions!

Are you ready to FLOW your mind?!

Hi, I'm Priya

I'll help you get out of bed in the morning EXCITED and ready for the day!

You'll start feeling stronger and more confident every day.

You'll get real comfortable with the power of affirmations so you can see them coming to life!

Vital Affirmations will shift your attention to a harmonious connection between yourself and the world!

They will help you reboot a powerful self-image that is based in Truth.

Enjoy your life now and create your future moments from inspiration.

So you can share your gifts, talents and skills with the world!

I've used affirmations with great success and you can too!

Here's what you'll receive: 

200 affirmations that build a solid core of confidence and alignment.

A Playbook with the written affirmations and a Guidebook.

  1. The North American version in the first person (I/me)

  2. The UK version in the first person (I/me)

  3. The North American version in the second person (You)

  4. The UK version in the second person (You)

  5. The Subliminal version in the second person (You)

The Vital Affirmations Playbook (72-page PDF)

All the Vital Affirmations in written form.

The Vital Affirmations Guidebook (26-page PDF)

Comes loaded up with everything you need to maximize using affirmations. See the Guidebook section detail below.

Use the audio version you like the best.

Or add them all to a playlist for 125 minutes of core-confidence building affirmations.


You can download the Vital Affirmation Collection right now... 

Now only $17

The pre-launch price will end soon.

The Guidebook shows you how to use this Collection.

I'll also show you how to work around the most common affirmation problems.

Slip Ups

Why affirmation “slips ups" and "exceptions” aren’t bad at all.

And how to make them work for you.

2-D Affirmations

How to effectively absorb affirmations using the “2-D Vantages” aspect in our audios.


How to work around using affirmations in “triggering” or non-ideal situations.

Tough Times

How to use affirmations without bypassing or ignoring reality.

Also included are 7 affirmations to use during difficult times.

The Impossible

How to use affirmations in situations that seem impossible using our “T.R.A.C.K. Method.” Just this Method alone charges your affirmations with Universal possibilities!

Agile Affirmations

How to recognize, use and create highly effective affirmations using the “6-Point Affirming Checklist.”

Here's how it works...

Purchase your copy of The Vital Affirmation Collection here.

Check your Inbox for the login details and download them today!

Read the Guide, the Playbook and then jump into the audios!

FAQs about The Vital Affirmation Collection

Hey, do I get a physical CD?

No, you'll receive downloadable MP3s, the Playbook and Guide PDFs so you can start right away.

Once you purchase Vital Affirmations, you'll receive an email in your Inbox with your download link. It takes about 10 minutes to arrrive. 

If you have any trouble at all, you can reach us at and we will help you ASAP.

When's the best time to listen?

The easiest way to start off is by listening to the audio while you go for a walk or when you're doing something around your home.

Once you get in the first few listens, you'll find it so much easier to slip them in whenever possible.

You can listen while walking, reading, doing the dishes, you can put the audios on the speaker when you're in the shower or listen to them before bed.

What's your refund policy?

Our goal is to create something that helps you and enhances your life. Something that you love.

Try our products and if it ain't your thing, contact us within 14 days of purchase and we'll refund you.

But honestly - we think you'll love them!

About Priya...

Priya Khajuria creates manifesting micro courses with Joyful Life Mastery and is an award-winning author (under PK Davies). She also creates manifesting audios with Enchanted Meditations.


All are designed to help people feel better and thrive. 

Priya voices meditations for an app company in California and narrates audiobooks and characters for video games. As a lifelong meditator, one of her greatest pleasures is creating empowerment and manifesting meditations.

She's a singer too and lives in Canada with her family and little black cat Storm.  Priya uses affirmations every day and for just about everything!

Help guide yourself back to feeling better anytime you need it.

Or simply supercharge your day with inspiration.

You can get your copy of The Vital Affirmation Collection right now... 

Now only $17

The pre-launch price will be ending soon.

Pink Powder


"Oh WOW, this is FABULOUS!!!!"


"OMG your voice Priya!!! 

I can't get enough of your recordings!!!

I'm a nurse and I literally feel the stress going out out OUT!!!

And the Higher Self audio had me in tears, thank you!"




"Had my first listen and loved it!

It starts very gently and easily and I love how your dynamism and enthusiasm pick up in the second half of the recording."


"Ahhhhh, I feel SO relaxed! Thank you Priya !!!"


"Your voice reminds me of Galadriel from Lord of the Rings." (UK versions)


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