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How To Create A Magical Life in 7 Steps

Updated: May 5, 2022

Have you been able to start projects that you love, achieve the things you want, create relationships that you enjoy, and live with rich enjoyment thus far?

Photo by Dana Tentis at Pixabay

If so, then that is awesome!

Or do you find that life seems rushed and your plans almost out of reach?

Do you have a folder full of creative ideas but the week zips by so quickly that you end up delegating your time to everything else but your own dreams?

Does it seem like it' so hard to manifest what you desire?

Have you, perhaps, fallen off the "dreams and goals" wagon? (That's okay, we all do.)

For some of us, it can be even more tricky. We dream, we try to take steps for a while, and then we come up against an invisible wall that stops us in our tracks.

Sometimes, it's because encroaching habits, routines or duties pull us into the mundane. And other times, it may involve a fear of pushing forward into the unknown.


And yet, our soul - our spirit - KNOWS that our life is always a creation-in-process. We can THRIVE.

Regardless of our life situation - whether we have a family, a business or a day job already, we all have beautiful, soul-stretching dreams.

We are complex beings, and our passions can change with our stage of life, our desires and our life experiences. And sometimes we feel guilty about having many desires.

The truth is...most of us have more than one passion or goal, maybe MANY. And they change and flux and rise in all their lusciousness.

There is a way that you can create a magical life, and you can start right now.

But first, you have to believe that you CAN. That you DESERVE to.

And the truth can. And you don't need anyone's approval but your own.


You were born to create and you are wired to achieve!

What if it was safe to dream up a life that you felt passionate about from EVERY aspect?

A rich life where you are a full-on player.

You can restart your dreams again. In fact, you can start right now.


7 Steps to your dream life:

  1. Take 15 minutes to start dreaming your life up now.

  2. Don't worry about whether it’s do-able, or pie in the sky. For now, enjoy the mind-creation, the daydreaming, the wouldn’t-it-be-nice-ifs.

  3. Then get a notebook, pick a goal that excites you the most and plan it backwards.

  4. And start taking action. One little bite at a time. Daily.

  5. Reduce and remove old habits that are keeping you stuck (you know what they are).

  6. Enjoy each moment, and thank everything wonderful that comes your way! And for stuff that's not so wonderful? Deal with them as you best can, and move on from there.

  7. Dream and create in each of your life areas, and start on them.

Faith in yourself and a belief in the Universal aspect of momentum will see you through!

Start with one tiny plan in each of the Life Areas below. I use the blueprint magic of the Bagua, based on the ancient principles of Feng Shui.

Start at the centre with Health & Wellbeing, and then work around the Bagua.

Set one goal in each area - a goal that excites you - and move towards it each day.

Once you start, you will find yourself jumping out of bed each morning excited and in a state of delighted anticipation.

When you start thinking and focusing AND acting on your passions, your entire body, your mind and your spirit begins to join in and jump into this little adventure.

It’s as though these other aspects of you say to themselves “geez, she is SERIOUS about this! Ok, I'M IN!!”

Did you know that you are capable of so much more than you think?

Did you know that you have the ability to create magic?

Simply start and push past that initial fear. That fear is the ceiling between you and the next level in your life!

Are you ready? For sure? Good!

Grab a notebook and pen, set aside your 15 minutes today and reboot your Magical Life!

Good luck — and keep going!


PK Davies

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