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Jump into an extraordinary life-creation adventure.

And transform your life in just a few months.

Start with...


The Journey To Joy

Level 1 Quests 1 - 3

Quest 1

Elevate each day with tiny sips of sweet mindfulness, so you can catch a breath in the middle of hectic, busy or stressful times.

Affirm your place in this grand design of Life.

The Cosmic Playbook: 30 Vital Mini Meditations for Love, Hope & Courage

Quest 2

Now move into a series of fun, daily exercises that dive into the heart of self-love. Rediscover your strengths and beauty. Set yourself up to succeed, no matter which path you choose to take.

The Law of Attraction Game Book: 28 Days of Love & Appreciation


Quest 3

Ramp up the joy even more! Infuse your daily experience with true self-awareness and loving connection. Learn a powerful soothing technique and align your emotions from the depths of love and caring.

The Law of Attraction Game Book 2: Feel Great Being You

Ignite Magical Adventure (38).png
Ignite Magical Adventure (38).png

Click to start Quest 1 for free.

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Untitled design (22).png

Move into the...


Flow Of The Alchemist

Level 2 Quests 4 - 6

Quest 4

Craft each morning into an abundant dreamscape. Dive into the heart of your desires and give them life within your Self and in your writings. Script your path from inspiration and affirm thanks at every step.

Joyful Abundance: Gratitude Journal Workbook

Quest 5

Clear space in the present and focus on all the abundance in your life right now. Plan and refine. Proceed and master.

Master Your Money

Quest 6

Play money games with abandon and delight. Expand your vision, clarify your path and purpose. Dream and create. 

The Prosperity Game Superkit

Ignite Magical Adventure (38).png
Ignite Magical Adventure (38).png
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Emerge into the...


Way Of The Avatar

Level 3 Quests 7 - 9


Quest 7

Set vital affirmations on autopilot. Build a core of unshakable strength from within. Nourish and manifest your skills with guided imagery that will fuel your days with inspiration and gift you with restful sleep.

Vital Affirmations and Divine Dreams

Quest 8

Plan your path forward, and manifest through inspired action. Dream and create. 

Creative Manifestation

Quest 9

Revitalize your body for your beautiful Life journey. Build your physical strength and feel fantastic. 

Beautiful Body Renewal 

Ignite Magical Adventure (38).png
Ignite Magical Adventure (38).png

Click to start Quest 1 for free.

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