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The Incandescent Beauty of a Bitchy Moment

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

One of the biggest things that can trip us up as a conscious manifestor is the premise that we always have to do our very best to stay positive.

Of course this is based on the understanding that our positive vibrations will attract more of the same.

There is of course truth to this, but there is a huge hole missing in this concept.

...It presumes that we are somehow at fault for not constantly or consistently shifting our emotions back up.

And it can also lead to unhealthy repression of emotions.

And this leads to a snowball effect of guilt and discomfort. I have seen this create so much unnecessary suffering.

We are not so much a manipulator of energy and vibration, as we are a source and a conduit.

By that I mean, that there are other energies around us - other people's vibrations and desires, and as we know those can overlap. And sometimes sh*t happens.

Maybe it's due to our vibrational point of attraction or maybe it's due to someone else's, or karma or what have you. Whatever it may be, we can get so caught up in trying to decode it that we end up making ourselves feel worse.

If we take upon ourselves a mantle of blame or guilt that we have somehow not bounced back up to a lovely vibrational state quickly enough, it hinders and delays our realigning in the first place.

But if we can allow the strong emotion to flow through us quickly and without resistance, then we as a conduit can allow it to pass and return naturally to a better feeling state.

We're human and we have responses and reactions...

Holding in or repressing an emotion that we don't feel comfortable releasing will only harm us!

Of course it goes without saying that we don't want to release in a way that hurts know that, I know that.

But I lived many years of my life tiptoeing around other people and trying to be "nice". What that got me were health problems and more repressed emotions.

And the day I learned to get not just mad, but furious, was the day I learned to release a lot of tension. It took practice to knowingly release these strong emotions as a form of energy flow, and not fall into a trap of circular complaining that just feeds on itself. Or being stuck in that state.

You can see here that I'm talking about releasing strong emotions WITH PURPOSE.

Try this exercise next time you're feeling down or upset about something:

At that very moment, scan your body and feel for the contraction or tightening. It might be in your shoulders, or your stomach, on in the muscles of your forehead, it could be anywhere - you'll sense it.

That's the direct mind-body connection.

If you repress that emotion, you are LEAVING THAT CONTRACTED state in your body!!!

Get in the practice of releasing anger and other feelings that feel bad quickly, by accepting its validity first. And then forgive yourself if you feel even the slightest lingering guilt about it.

Punch some pillows. Yell at the wall. Kick the couch. Use the F word.

Guess what? You're still lovable. You're still beautiful. And you are still WORTHY.

When you get practiced at releasing your emotions, understanding that you are doing it to release them for YOUR OWN benefit, that's when you'll find it easier to bounce back into a better vibration.

Let me share a secret...I don't always wake up and feel grateful. In fact, sometimes I don't feel grateful AT ALL until I'm typing or writing it in my Facebook group or in my journal.

And I'm okay with that - because in the end, I'm still bringing up the emotion of gratitude and recognizing all that I appreciate, even if I'm dragging it up from an ungrateful place that day.

And sometimes I have a big ol hissy fit. But knowing that it is justified (to me) in the moment, and just needs to flow out without harm to anyone makes it easier to bounce back.

Feeling sad?

Accept your sad feelings first. Embrace them, and then let them out. Be kind to yourself.

And look for anything that will make you feel better, just to get back on that first step up.

Feeling mad?

Accept your anger. Look for the message and the gift. Let the anger flow out in the safest way possible.

Then look for something - a thought or action - that feels a bit better. And then a little better. Until you naturally rise into your state of happier emotions.

So, my friend....get comfortable with releasing your emotions with intention.

An intention to release and then return to balance.

When you let that sh*t out, you reaffirm that YOU are important, and your feelings have value.

Accept them, let them out and then get back to what's really important to you.

Never forget your worthiness!

As my fabulous life coach says: Abraham Hicks talks about the value of contrast. From strong contrast, comes strong desire for what you DO want.

Here's another great quote from Abraham-Hicks:

See? You only need 55% :)




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