I had the enormous good fortune to meet and be helped by PK when I needed it the most. She is an extremely generous, kind, compassionate, positive, hard-working, 'leave no stone unturned' practitioner, guide as well as human being. Her level of commitment to her work and her clients is beyond exemplary. She set the standard on client care and to her craft for me.  


In the years I have known and been helped by PK, I have not met her equal. I remain profoundly grateful not only for all the good she has brought to me and my health, but also to all the other people she has touched. Knowing she is out there doing her work is a source of huge joy and optimism -- the world is really a better place for her!

K.P. Homeopath

I have had the blessing of PK's mentorship over the past 10 years of my life. I can honestly say that PK has helped me overcome so many challenges and has been - and continues to be - a valued and essential mentor and friend in my life. Her professional background, knowledge, life experiences and wisdom seem almost limitless.

She has been the best mentor for me on a professional and spiritual basis but also offering a holistic approach to my health, body, spirit and mind that has enabled me to heal after a medical diagnosis several years ago.

She is clearly infused with wisdom and a positive energy that emanates from her person and soul.
I am very fortunate to have PK in my life and I can only recommend her to all who seek mentorship, guidance, health and peace within their lives.

Thank you for all that you are PK. Continue blessing souls along your journey in this lifetime. We all need more PKs in our world.

R.S.R., Entrepreneur

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