THE Prosperity Game

by Abraham Hicks

By P.K. Davies.

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Play The Prosperity Game and increase your money vibrations using the Law of Attraction.

The Prosperity Game is a lavish and playful game by Abraham Hicks. If you haven't heard of them before, Abraham-Hicks are a group of non-physical Law of Attraction teachers channeled by Esther Hicks. They are filled with Universal wisdom and witty repartee. 

It took a while to wrap my mind around the idea of channeled beings but once I read their teachings, I was hooked - they're quite entertaining!


Through their books and youtube videos, Abraham shares many experiential exercises that help guide you towards your desires and reduce your focus on unwanted thoughts and situations.

The point of their Prosperity Game is to expand your ability to receive and spend wealth, and to direct you to what you desire with your intention and attention.


Since it's Law of Attraction based, the focus is on raising our vibrational state so that we're in alignment with receiving and spending large sums of money. And in doing so, we awaken more creativity and desires within us.

The key is to connect emotionally, as though we already are receiving and spending it in real life!

In this Game, you’re not receiving or spending “real life” dollars (yet!).


The basic game goes like this:

  1. On the first day, imagine that you receive $1,000 from the Universe to spend exactly as you please.

  2. Think about what you’d like to spend the money on, and go ahead and spend it in your mind.

  3. On the next day, imagine receiving $2,000.

  4. Spend all of it again, exactly as you desire.

  5. On the following day, you receive $3,000, and so on.

  6. You can go for 30 days, or as long as you please.

You can use an old deposit book and create pretend cheques flowing in and out.

You can write your notes in a journal.

Or you can use an online accounting program.


You would use whatever feels more real to you and more enjoyable.

As you continue to play this daily, you'll notice that it can be quite a mental exercise to decide how and when to use all this money!


Abraham says that by playing this game:

  • we begin reaching for new ideas.

  • we create new vibrational set points from which to attract matching experiences and manifestations.

This is where it gets really fun!


In this game, you can go as general or as detailed as you wish.

Go general, if the idea of spending on something in particular makes you uncomfortable.

You may not be really aligned yet with the idea of spending that much money.

Or you might find that spending that amount of money on something in particular is just too "out there".

And that's fine - in these cases, go more general.

Go detailed when the details are fun and joyful to contemplate.

The idea is to stop at the point where it feels unlikely or uncomfortable, and step back to a more general vision by letting go of some of the details.


Try it out for 30 days and see which way it's more fun to play.


Now, a lot of interesting things crop up as people play…


For example, money blocks.

Once you are aware of them, you can use clearing techniques to help reduce and eliminate them.


How do you know if you have a money block, even if you love and believe in the idea of abundance?


Well money - or cash - carries a LOT more triggers for people than the idea of abundance. 

There were 3 main money blocks that arose with players:

  1. The huge gap between one's real life money situation and the enormous daily quantities that you play with.

  2. How or why to spend so much money after a certain point.

  3. A conceptual difference between the idea of "abundance" and "money."

So how do you play the wonderful Prosperity Game in a way that raises your vibrations - yet still be able to take care of money stuff happening in "real time"?

1. Clear, clear and clear some more!

Clear away old money stories. Clear away fears and worries as best you can. Find a way to suspend them when you play. Soothe money fears by reminding yourself that you have your whole future ahead to invite in what you desire.

2. Accept the now.

Find a way to make peace with your current money situation, knowing that you have the ability to attract and earn more.

Take care of business now, especially when it comes to paying off debt. This may mean getting professional help to get your debts under control and into a solid payment plan.

Move forward by “stepping into the energy” of a successful money manager within your mind, as though you’re stepping into that character in a movie.

3. Refocus on the Game.

Once your debts are under your control, and you’ve taken charge on your current money inflow and outflow, continue to redirect your focus to the possibilities of more money coming in daily (the Game play) and watch your creativity launch!

Play a little each day to expand your comfort levels.

Train your focus back to what you have, desire and what is already increasing.

Expand your idea of abundance to understand that money only plays one part in this beautiful picture of your LIFE.


If you'd love to have even more fun with this, download the SuperKit for done-for-you daily play. It's loaded with bonuses and a special tweak to the Prosperity Game that blows away blocks!

The SuperKit expands the Prosperity Game!

More on Money Blocks

You've played the Prosperity Game and you've faithfully spent your imaginary money every day.


But to your surprise, the flow just becomes way too general.

It becomes something you say instead of feel

I'll buy a boat!

I'll give the whole thing to charity.

I'll buy a nice house!

You find yourself whipping out a blanket statement in 2 seconds. 

That's quicker than putting in an order at a drive-through restaurant, isn't it? :)

And meanwhile, another voice in your head is saying...

* sigh *

Maybe if I just say it enough times, something magical will happen!

Abundance, where are yoooooo?

And then...a few little blocks pop up as you play...

  • I know this is a game but when is it going to get real for me?? Am I wasting my time?

  • 3.5 million dollars is way too much money! I can't imagine having that! How am I supposed to spend it?!

  • It seems wrong to have that much money!



How do I know this?

Well, not only did I think these very thoughts myself when I first started on my manifesting journey but I discovered MOST people do!


And perhaps you've thought these too?

Heck, I've even heard LOA masters worry about these - because, well, we're human! 


Instead we get stuck in limbo, not knowing where to find the answers and instead shelling out oodles of cash - hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars - for more and more programs. 

Well, I have something unique for you...

  • What if you could break through the mind versus reality block?

  • What if you could finally come up with ways to manage your money now in a way that's meaningful to you so you can handle increasing amounts of wealth with ease?

  • Wouldn't it be lovely to embrace wealth and abundance

(and - bonus, woo hoo! - what if you didn't have to spend a whole whack of money either??)

The Prosperity Game SuperKit was designed to help you with all of this!

It's the ONLY Law of Attraction related game of its kind!!

Click here to find out more about the SuperKit


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