Narration * Audiobooks * Voice overs

Books that I narrate:


  • Non-fiction and fiction

  • Self-help, motivational and spiritual

  • Children's books (both fiction and non fiction)

There is nothing I love more than to voice creative works - beautiful, inspiring or just plain interesting and informative...

Other voice services that I offer:

  • Training audios and narration

  • Personalized meditations

  • Personalized affirmations and guided audios for specific goals


If you need voice services to bring your book, training or other products to life, pop me an email and let me know a little bit about your wonderful project.


I'll ask you for a few details and send you a quote and timeline along with a customized sample from your work. You'll receive the finished audio as a .wav file, mp3 or via a link.


Click to hear samples.

Click on the volume control scale to turn the volume up.

Meditation - North American - Voice Angel
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Meditation - British - Voice Angel
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Audiobook - North American No Fx - Voice Angel
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The rates depend on the type of project you need. Here are some sample rates:


$300 US (& CAD) per finished hour. 

Custom meditations, affirmations and guided goal visualizations:

$100 US (& CAD) for a personalized audio, set to beautiful music and delivered as an mp3.

Narration and e-learning:

Depends on project. Rates start at $100 US and are delivered as mp3 and .wav files.

Email me with any questions and to book.

Voice Angel narrates audiobooks, meditations, training audios, video game characters, eLearning, video narration and more.

She is bidialectical and voices in both North American and British accents. 

All projects are recorded, edited, engineered and mastered at the Voice Angel professional studio.