The Vital Affirmation Collection

What if you could enhance a MAGICAL state of mind?

What if you could just hit Play and allow empowering affirmations to filter into your subconscious with ease?

What if you could gently allow in powerful words of love and appreciation into your life and let it rewire your mindset?


Well, now you can.


The VITAL affirmation audio is powered up with 160+ Vital Affirmations that boost 28 life aspects and are packed into a sweet and juicy 15 minutes!


Upload the audio onto your phone instantly! 


What this will do for you:

  1. The wording of the affirmations will engage and revitalize 28 of your life areas and raise your vibrations quickly.

  2. Repeated listening will slowly build an understanding deep within you that you are inherently worthy - you're rewiring and retraining your brain!

  3. The audio will help you redirect your attention back to a high level life every time you listen.

And there's something else...

Habits create momentum!

  1. The more you listen to the affirmations, the easier it is to allow the words into your mind and awareness. You'll naturally remember the words and start saying them to yourself.

  2. The more you hear the affirmations, the easier it is to listen to them on a regular basis

  3. The more familiar you become with the words, the more easily the words, phrases and their meanings sink into your subconscious mind...and these all affect your conscious thoughts and actions!

Are you ready to FLOW your mind?!   :)


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download your mp3!

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Feedback on other recordings:

"Oh WOW, this is FABULOUS!!!!"


"OMG your voice Priya!!! 

I can't get enough of your recordings!!!

I'm a nurse and I literally feel the stress going out out OUT!!!

And the Higher Self audio had me in tears, thank you!"




"Had my first listen and loved it!"

(Enhance Your Self Confidence)


Vital Affirmations are crafted to maximize Love, Appreciation & Excitement for these 28 life aspects!

Your Mind

Compliments from Others


Cool things About You

Your Accomplishments

Your Kindness

Qualities of Someone Special

A New Appreciation of Yourself

Your Laugh

What You Love About Yourself

Your Face

Your Hair & Head

Your Body

The Fun & Quirky You

Your Skin

Your Voice








Your Stuff

The Great Outdoors

The Past

The Future

The Present

LOA album

Or download the full album with all 4 meditations - over 70 minutes.

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$36    Sale $9.97


Hi, I'm P.K. Davies

I create affirmations, meditations and guided audios, designed to empower our lives.

I've voiced audiobooks for personal development authors, and voiced meditations for a major app company in California.

But one of my greatest pleasures is in creating affirmations, for myself and others!

I personally listen to recordings of affirmations every single day when I go for a walk or grab the bus or train somewhere.


And of course studies show that you really DO begin to absorb what you listen to, when you hear it long enough.

I know that these affirmations in the Vital Collection will help shift your attention to how beautifully and powerfully you live in connection to yourself and with the world!



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