Go from feeling meh to amazing!

You are a modern and fun person who is spiritually-aware but...


  • You find it all-too-easy to be hard on yourself.

  • You wake up at night cringing about something you said or did recently.

  • You have a soft heart and you're sensitive to the opinions of insensitive wankers.

  • You compare yourself against that "other" person and wish you could be more like them.

  • You don't really think of yourself as lovable. Or you feel surprised when someone says they love you.

  • You find it too easy to notice your own faults.

  • You have a hard time saying no to all the things that come up in your day.

  • There is SO much you want to accomplish and you badly want to find a way to balance your busy life and still achieve your dreams.

  • You want to get there FAST and you don't want to wait any longer.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it....

is to truly SEE and BE all that is beautiful and worthy and sacred in YOU, so you can transform a life that doesn't satisfy into a shining POWERHOUSE of living, breathing potential.

...And from this centred place, move into your kicka$$ life. 

I know exactly how it feels to have those limiting beliefs and thoughts.

For many years I looked elsewhere for all the answers and for ways to feel good. I read literally thousands of blogs, articles and self-help books! 

And they did help, for a bit. But in order to foster deep change, I had to do some digging.

And I realized it was because I felt unworthy in many ways. 

Once I kicked out the unworthy mindset, I began to practice self-love and look for ways to find love in all its forms around me. 

I came to realize that:

Confidence flows from self-esteem.

And self-esteem flows from self-love.

I won't lie, it wasn't easy at first. 

It was much easier to compare myself to other people out of habit.

And self-love?

Rushing to work, racing through crazy-ass deadlines, juggling multiple schedules, rushing back home, feeling terrible about not having enough time or finances...the list went on.

I didn't have time for bullshit.

In fact, the world was lucky I even made time to appreciate it!

Let's just say that didn't get me very far in the good-vibes department.

One day, I ended up in the hospital for day-job induced stress, and I said to myself...

f*ck it. Something has to change. 

Perhaps you can relate?

The great news is that with a few tweaks you can move past this state, and into a new state - your REAL state - of love and adventure...

But first, you have to love YOU.

How This Adventure Came To Be:

I began to set aside a little time every day to figure out what the heck self-love WAS.

It's not about buying stuff, it's not the spas, or trying to love some future improved version of oneself or anything like that.

It's about going deep, and releasing all the unpleasant stories we tell ourselves.

And from there, finding and recognizing what is lovable.

It took a lot of time for me actually, but slowly, very slowly, it got easier.

With a background in reiki, inspired by EFT and using white light chakra meditations and intuitive touch, I created a unique and powerful energy technique called The Emotional Mastery Flow. This helped me release and balance my emotions in minutes - and for others too! It's woo woo but powerful! Think of it as a feminine divine and intuitive version of EFT.

(You'll learn the full technique in this Adventure).

I began to clear my clutter on all levels, cleaned up my life and hired a fabulous life coach.

Between self-love practices and the energy technique, the change in my life was stunning!

By checking in with myself regularly to make sure that my self-love and self-care were the highest priorities, I made sure I practiced self-love. 

And when I slip up, it's EASY to get back on the path.

I was able to manifest what I wanted from a centred place.

Not by ignoring what I was experiencing but by mastering ways to make the best of things and continuously circling back to my heart's desires.

It also became easier to connect with so much that is lovable in the world just by focusing on it.

And in case you're wondering...you can totally be a badass and love yourself AND your life.

All you need to do, is be YOU.

Once you ramp up self-love, you radiate it.

And when you radiate self-love, you connect with elements in your life from a place of love.

You create your life and attract what you want from a place of focus!

How you'll transform from DAY 1:

  • Rediscover wonderful things that you love about yourself.

  • Learn how to release these common self-limiting beliefs in less than 5 minutes anytime, anywhere, using my signature technique The Emotional Mastery Flow™.

    • guilt, shame, self-blame, self-doubt, unworthiness. Kick those suckers to the curb.

  • Set up new habits that make you IRRESISTIBLE. 

  • Experience the world around you from a place of connection and love.

  • Receive inspiration about your own unique contribution to the world. Yes, you.

  • Increase your self-confidence and charisma. Look it. It's time to LAUNCH that!!

  • If you're in a relationship, supercharge it. 

  • If you're single, learn the 4 steps to attract the type of love you want in your life.

  • Imagine the IMPACT your self-love has on everyone who comes into contact with you.

  • What you're doing here is setting a brand new baseline for yourself of love, ease and space and by being YOU - so you can move freely towards your dreams!


All of this is done with small daily online lessons and teensy weensy bits of homework.

...all little, digestible, daily bites of "experiential" fun...

  • Your journey will wander sweetly through a holographic experience where you will see and feel love on many levels.

  • First we start with you - the simple things, that really aren't that simple.

  • These are the layers of physicality that cradle all the uniqueness and beauty that is YOU.

  • We journey towards the heart of you, finding delights along the way.

  • You release all that does not serve you.

  • And embrace all that does.

  • Rediscover how lovable you are in a fabulous 3D journey.

  • Master emotional responses to others, using The Emotional Mastery Flow™, so you can feel free and calm.  

  • Find more and MORE to love in the people around you and create POWERFUL but easy energetic connections. 

  • Notice beauty in your most important physical surroundings.

  • Surprise yourself by finding new things to love in your spaces.

  • Learn the simple 6-step technique to release clutter in your precious spaces.

  • Learn the 2 most important steps for enjoying "things". 

  • Connect to your inner wisdom and feel your power take life.

  • Notice beauty and awe in the grander delights of the Universe.

  • Meet your Higher Self and receive inspiration on your unique gifts.

  • Bonus: 1 hour recording of Marc Allen from the New World Library on Love.

  • Find more to love in your partner every day.

  • If you're single, you WILL NOTCH UP your magnetic qualities! 

  • Celebrate with a Mission Accomplished Party Booklet with Master Success Interviews and the Top 3 Best Tips from my favourite Love Coaches.

How The Adventure Works:

  • The Adventure is a 6 week online Adventure spanning the 6 Levels that can be started and completed anytime, and you can do it privately from home.

  • It dives deep into the experience of Love from a 3D holographic perspective so you can infuse your life with Love.


It includes: 

  • Content for each level. No filler-fluff, it's short and powerful. 

  • a daily Love Task (do the Task privately or in the friendly Facebook group)

  • a daily Love Challenge (extend your comfort zone but in a fun way)

  • Playsheets

  • Bonuses that really supercharge the effects of the Adventure

  • It also includes my signature Emotional Mastery Technique which helps release fears, doubts, anxieties and worries and replaces them with desired thoughts. This was tested by a beta group for about a year. They discovered that the technique worked in MINUTES and had a wonderful cumulative effect.

  • an Interactive Scroll (one document to keep track of your exercises and I will go through it after each level - this is with the VIP upgrade).

  • 2 AMAZEballs laser sessions with me, where we go deep into the heart of all that is loveable about YOU.

Don't underestimate the effects of the playfulness in The Adventure.

It is not a quick fix, it creates results if you are looking for lasting transformation in your life.


The point of  The Great Love Adventure is simple: 

  • Do the inner work and reduce suffering and get in touch with FLOW! 

  • Increase and enhance your experience with Love in ALL aspects of your life.

  • Really SEE the effects deepen every time you use the practices.

You'll also receive these sweet Bonuses:

Access to a private Facebook group, so you can power up with a friendly and like-minded community who will cheer you on.

Access to a private Facebook group, so you can power up with a friendly and like-minded community who will cheer you on.

Done-for-you printable Playsheets included with the Levels, so you can easily stay on track.

Breath of Life White Light Meditation, so you can refresh and re-energize yourself in minutes.

A BONUS recording:

Listen in on an AMAZING phone conversation between Marc Allen and myself on all things Love.

Love through spirit, love, God, religion and more. You don't want to miss this!

Marc Allen is an award winning author and the founder of New World Library.

1:1 Laser Sessions (VIP Upgrade)

(2 x 60 minute sessions with Priya):

I'll help you to apply the EMF technique to your own specific situation so you feel fully supported. We'll chat. We'll laugh.

We'll get it done.

Includes a custom created visualization scene of a goal or something you'd like to create.

Simply email us after booking, to set up your sessions with me.

(VIP Upgrade) Update The Interactive Scroll during your Adventure so you can enhance your daily experience.

I'll connect with you directly via your Scroll after each Level.


I love it! I have written things about myself that I normally don’t think about and it makes me smile to think I’m ok thinking more positively about myself than negative.


I love the accountability of the games.


I appreciate the reminders to love myself!


I have put into practice Priya's teachings and wonderful things happened ever since!

My personal strength and resilience has increased ten fold, my professional life has taken off suddenly and simultaneously, my personal relationships have strengthened and my self-confidence sky-rocketed as a result.

Simplicity, harmony, love, the law of attraction and acceptance of yourself and everything around you.

Priya is pure magic.


I'm loving this game!!!

And thanks to this game, I'm loving myself as well! 

I believe self-love solves all the problem with yourself, so I'm feeling my life situation's gonna be better and better!!

It's also fun and inspiring to read what others write. ❤

I have been very nice to myself lately and I'm usually not! lol! Even now I just had a manicure and took myself out for dinner. And I don't feel the least bit bad about it!


One of the things I loved about the program was the simplicity and how little time it took. And it's easy to adapt. I've used the program for other issues as they've come up.

Now that I haven't been doing the daily routine for the last week, I can say I'm missing it. I'm going to build it back into my life. It's so simple but it left me feeling grounded.


It is so incredibly soothing and relaxing.  I felt really teary at first but now it helps me feel all warm and cosy each time I do it.


Before I started the EMF I was anxious, a lack of self confidence and overall feelings of internal discomfort. The first time I exercised the practice, I could feel the immediate results. It was instant. I felt good inside and I felt a positive energy within that was missing. It gave me strength to face myself and the challenges that surround me. It has changed my life and it can be done anywhere at anytime. Thank you Priya for sharing this wonderful gift.


The most IMPORTANT relationship you will ever have in your LIFE is the one your have with yourself!

Yes...I'm ready for my new Adventure!


Early Signing Bonuses:


Sign up by June 30 and receive:

  1. The all-new Law of Attraction Enchanted Game: Self Confidence Unleashed! 14-day course, launching early June (Value $147)

  2. The Law of Attraction Daily Prosperity Game. Play Abraham-Hicks' lavish daily money game, using the done-for-you Excel Playsheets plus BONUS mini game sheets, launching early June (Value $47). 

  3. Be entered in a draw for a personal Angel Card Reading (Value $101)

So who is this Priya chick anyway?

Priya Khajuria helps people focus on self-love, and embrace their unique gifts and talents, so they can create a life they adore.

She creates a unique style of superpowered Law of Attraction meditations.

Priya is an award winning Law of Attraction coach, singer, voice artist and writer.


Using the principles of self-love and The Law of Attraction helped Priya high-vibe her own life to:

  • Complete her degrees in Psychology & certifications in homeopathy, reiki, hypnotherapy and life coaching, so she could connect with people from a place of love and service.

  • Attract an exciting contract as an ongoing voice artist. Priya creates meditation and mindfulness audios for a Californian entertainment company with over 2 million subscribers, so she can help people enjoy the powerful benefits of meditation.

  • Create a vibrant Facebook community of high-vibing members with whom she loves to play.


Priya's articles have been featured in Think Simple Now, Vitality Magazine and Mike Dooley's TUT Blog.