The Magic Begins...

We manifest based on what we think about and focus on.

The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS in action, whether we believe in it or not. 

Most manifestation techniques work (I found that all of them worked for me when practiced consistently). But you will find yourself enjoying some techniques more than others. 


This is what this journey is all about – experiencing different manifestation practices and seeing yourself literally creating events, and attracting things you desire into your life.

But to manifest the life you want consciously, you need to have certain critical elements in place:

  • You have to find a way to "persist through the hard times". We're co-creators and life can be distracting sometimes, to say the least.

  • Decide exactly what you want

  • Focus on what you want

  • Respect your natural flow but take regular, effective action 

  • Allow yourself to receive


But sometimes we get stuck all over the place within these elements. 

Below are the most popular and common  questions within the manifesting community. If you relate to these - as I certainly did - then don't worry. You are not alone!

  • How do I persist, when everything seems to fall apart?

  • What if I don't know exactly what I want yet?

  • How do I make time to focus when I'm so busy?

  • I don't know what steps to take. My goals seem so far away.

  • When are things going to turn around for me?

Spiritual rebel

and magical adventurer...

You choose what calls to you on a deeper level. On a SOUL level.

If it doesn't make sense to you, it's out. You stand up for what you truly believe in.

You're practical and hands-on...

But you're also an adventurer, an artist and a dreamer with MAGIC in your soul.


Let the manifesting begin...

To move past these, you need a way to get centred first, so you can dream and imagine your life the way you really want it.

A life that you can enjoy from your heart - inspired by the REAL you. 

Joyful Life Mastery offerings are meant to be experienced. They're designed to help you:

  • reprogram yourself into your greater vision, using highly effective and creative manifesting principles and techniques

  • clarify and focus

  • chart a path there in the real world with solid, earthy action



Start your manifesting journey with The Law of Attraction Game Book: 28 Days of Love

You'll power up your self-worth and self-esteem to create a solid groundwork.



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