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The Prosperity Game SuperKit

"I just read the materials and I was literally in awe of how much work and thought you put into it.

It's truly phenomenal!"


"Already playing it and I'm having so much fun with it! It feels joyful and expansive! Thank you!"




"It's F*CKING awesome!!!! I can't believe how much work you've put into it!!!"


"So awesome!!!"



Enchanted Meditations

"Oh WOW, this is FABULOUS!!!!"


"OMG your voice !!! 

I can't get enough of your recordings!!!

I'm a nurse and I literally feel the stress going out out OUT!!!

And the Higher Self audio had me in tears, thank you!"




"Had my first listen and loved it!

(Enhance Your Self Confidence)

It starts very gently and easily and I love how your dynamism and enthusiasm pick up in the second half of the recording."



The Law of Attraction Game Book

"(P.K. Davies') nonfiction New Age self-help book, Law of Attraction Game Book: 28 Days of Love, offers a month's worth of inspiring and smile-provoking five-minute exercises.

As I read through this little gem of a book, I was struck by the imagination and love of life that went into each day's offering. The first day's subject alone had me thinking about things in an entirely new and positive light.

Law of Attraction Game Book: 28 Days of Love is most highly recommended."

Jack Magnus


"...The Law of Attraction Game Book is the simplified version of what everyone needs to live lives that are fulfilling and free, no matter what they want to achieve. Inspiring and packed with illuminating thoughts and wisdom to help anyone transform their life in just 28 days. You’ll love the exercises and you will have a clearer vision of the life you desire and how to get there."

Christian Sia


“Wonderfully enlightening. I just loved this book. (Davies') writing style is inspiring, kind and gently persuasive. It feels like having a conversation with a good friend, and contained many lessons about manifesting and living my best life that I'm going to carry with me. Highly recommend!”


“I love this book. I am really enjoying the daily tasks, I look forward every day to see what is ahead for the day. I feel this book is making me appreciate my body and character.


I have read lots of books on the law of attraction but this one really holds my interest, it is refreshingly different, this is a book I will read over and over again until I feel I understand the tasks fully.”

Readers, AMAZON UK

“The material in this book is life changing. This book is a system, a way of life.”

JOSHUA CINTRON, Author & Publisher, Upon a Moonlight Kiss

Life-changing, inspirational and LOTS of fun!

“A wonderfully put-together book that focuses each day on a certain (and very fun) exercise to incorporate happy vibes and conscious creation into everyday life. The author takes us on a brilliant 28 day journey with tasks that are easy and non time-consuming to incorporate into our busy lifestyles. And did I mention they are really FUN?


There are also lots of little extras and a bonus section at the back of the book. Whether you are a newbie to Law of Attraction or not, there is plenty for everyone. I've been an LOA aficionado for a few years but P.K.'s way with words makes for a truly unique way of teaching... whose message comes to us right when we are ready as students. Goosebumps to that!”

Isabella May, Author, Oh What a Pavlova!

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I had the enormous good fortune to meet and be helped by PK when I needed it the most. She is an extremely generous, kind, compassionate, positive, hard-working, 'leave no stone unturned' practitioner, guide as well as human being. Her level of commitment to her work and her clients is beyond exemplary. She set the standard on client care and to her craft for me.  


In the years I have known and been helped by PK, I have not met her equal. I remain profoundly grateful not only for all the good she has brought to me and my health, but also to all the other people she has touched. Knowing she is out there doing her work is a source of huge joy and optimism -- the world is really a better place for her!

KP, Homeopath

I have had the blessing of PK's mentorship over the past 10 years of my life. I can honestly say that PK has helped me overcome so many challenges and has been - and continues to be - a valued and essential mentor and friend in my life. Her professional background, knowledge, life experiences and wisdom seem almost limitless.


She has been the best mentor for me on a professional and spiritual basis but also offering a holistic approach to my health, body, spirit and mind that has enabled me to heal after a medical diagnosis several years ago.She is clearly infused with wisdom and a positive energy that emanates from her person and soul.


I am very fortunate to have PK in my life and I can only recommend her to all who seek mentorship, guidance, health and peace within their lives.Thank you for all that you are PK. Continue blessing souls along your journey in this lifetime. We all need more PKs in our world.

RSR, Entrepreneur

Angel and Intuitive Readings

I'm deeply grateful for the kind words below. But I'm involved in several new projects right now and can't take on any more clients for readings at the moment.


I highly recommend these beautiful practitioners whom I know personally.

Their readings are so filled with wisdom and light. And they have a deep and compassionate understanding of their clients.

You can click on their names to explore their heartfelt offerings.

Angel Readings:   Melissa's Messages

Spirit and Intuitive Readings:

Your Soul Profile (your artistic and creative year ahead)

Soul to Soul Conversation (between you and Spirit)

The Love Letter (messages from your loved ones who have passed on)

The Animal Companion (energetic blueprint of your beloved pet, alive or passed on)

With Kelly Benoit

“Thank you so much!! This could not be more accurate!

I truly appreciate your service and time. Thank you, thank you thank you!”

- M.R.

“I received an angel reading yesterday. It was very enlightening and interesting - a great experience. Thank you, you are wonderful!”

- M.S.

“I had a major breakthrough today . You are indeed a beautiful guide to those who need to find their life purpose. I have read your reading...it was exactly what my physical body had to hear to drive away all fears about something I knew was a gift from very little...my connection with fairies animals and angels...gift of healing especially to the animal world. The moment I started coming into alignment with who I really am, I was overflowing with joy...hope for my days to follow and excitement for the journey before me. I am forever grateful .. its early days but I'm going to choose to kick these fears where they belong.”

- R.C.

“Thank you!!! You are God sent.”

- M.S.

“Your angel is amazingly spot on. Thank you.”

- V.C.

“Thank you so very much! This reading really speaks to me at this point in my life where I want/need some major life changes. It helps me know I am on the right path.”

- M.M.

“Thank you so much. The message was so filled with love and consideration. Honestly I never expected your reading to have that many words, so I was so impressed!”

- T.M.

“What a beautiful start to my week! I'm crying......happy tears!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm kinda overwhelmed right now....in a good way. Big big hugs and so much love.”

- N.F.

“That was so beautiful. I have such a sense of wonder and love when I read it.

Thank you so very much for working with me. They are very right when they say I worry about sharing my high vibration. Now I really don't say anything - I just aim my "rays of love and light" towards each person rather than ensuing conversations….I love the idea of projecting a white light from my heart and an emerald green light. This really makes me happy!

Thank you again for your beautiful words and work with our angels! XOXOXO”

- D.B.

“Oh thank you. I read it with tears flowing down. I am overwhelmed and I appreciate this a lot. I have been troubled since and reading this gave me instant inner peace and I knew and believed all is just going to be well and alright with me.

- O.U

“Thank you for the beautiful reading! Absolutely wonderful guidance and I felt it beaming with love. In particular the guidance around working with children is amazing and inspiring- I have been getting visions/ideas around helping children know how special and unique, powerful and limitless they are. I am not sure exactly how that will unfold but I trust I am being guided on creating that vision.”

- B.J.