7 Days to Manifest A Success Mindset

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Get ready for some fun…aligning yourself with success affects your manifesting!


But before we do that, we need to define what success really is.

What is “success”?

If you think about how the word success is used in conversation, it’s usually said in an end-result type of way.  As in he or she “made it.”

As in, he or she is so successful – it’s a state, but a state that you’ve reached after a journey.


Success also means different things to each of us, doesn’t it?

  • For some of us, success means monetary achievements - someone who has made a lot of money, perhaps saved well, invested well and has the luxury to show for it (the house, the car, etc, etc).

  • For others, success may mean business success – perhaps someone you know is enjoying the fruits of years of hard work or attention to their business.

  • If you’re an artist, perhaps success implies “making it” in the business, selling your art and being known for your craft or artistic skills, along with being in demand.

  • And there are those of us who believe that success is simply making it through each day on your own terms.


I would like to propose that:

Success is living in harmony with your values and desires and achieving what you set out to do.

This can mean making a single event or task a success all the way to a lifetime of success.


It's important to note that success is usually not possible without failures along the way. We are not perfect beings or machines - part of this exquisite life adventure lies in what we learn about ourselves on our way to and through success.

Think about one of your successes - perhaps you can relate to what we often think of as failures...

  • The many paths you forged

  • The times you failed and fell 

  • The many times you had to pick yourself up to keep going

  • The realizations you experienced along the way


...all of which led to the expanded person you have become today!

Let’s break down some of the most popular components of what makes up success. We are going to focus on the internal aspects of success for the purpose of the Game below.


Why are we doing it this way?

Because as a manifestor, you know that our flow moves more powerfully and purposefully from within to without. Our thoughts, mindset and beliefs drive our actions and our attitudes.

And in general – external validations of success follow the successful completion and experience of following through goals. Meaning that when you focus less on fame or money, but spend more time, effort and dedication to crafting your best art or offering, fame or money will follow (true for the most part; but we know that alignment and vibrations play a great role in this too).

The framework of a success mindset includes a mental, emotional and physical dedication to achieving the best final product, offering or experience.

Let’s look at what’s needed on the inside to align with success…

success mindset

Internal components of a success mindset:

  1. Making decisions

  2. Persistence and resilience

  3. Knowing when to kick or reduce bad habits

  4. Knowing when to niche down or cut out mental and physical clutter

  5. Cultivating good habits

  6. Focus and clarity

  7. Respect for the process and following through


In this 7-day Game, we’re going to use one of these components each day.

Each day there will be something to contemplate and take action on.


  • We’re going to use the segment-intending process for the flow.

  • And we’re going to pick small goals.

Segment intending:

This is a brilliant Abraham Hicks process where you mindfully set an intention for each segment or "scene" in your day. For example, when you wake up and you're lying in bed about to get up, set an intention for how you want to feel about being in bed (I intend to feel refreshed, warm and cozy).


As you move into the next segment, like heading to the washroom to brush your teeth, set the next intention (I intend to feel even more refreshment, delight, and excitement for the day ahead). Then you continue with each segment all through your day.

If you did only this exercise every day, you'd be living on your own terms - success indeed!!!


We're going to combine the natural power of segment intending with the internal components of success mindset for an incredible boost.

But, we're going to start small.

The purpose of the live game is to get used to the “habit of success” which you can expand and use in any area of your life.


The Success Mindset LIVE Game:

Day 1 - Monday

  1. Pick one goal you’d like to achieve this week and break it down to daily tasks.

  2. Use segment intending for each “scene” of your day.

  3. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal.

  4. Share it in the Facebook Group


Day 2 – Tuesday

  1. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal.

  2. Think about persistence and resilience. How did you apply it today? How have you applied them in the past in a way that served you?

  3. Share it in the Facebook Group


Day 3 – Wednesday

  1. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal.

  2. Think about bad habits that you know you have to get rid of and set up a plan to start now with one of those habits. How can you make that bad habit almost impossible to do? Can you change your routine, schedule or add visual cues or distractions?

  3. Share it in the Facebook Group


Day 4 – Thursday

  1. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal.

  2. Think about clutter that you have in your life right now.  This can be:

    • mental/visual/emotional clutter like bouncing back and forth on social media or your cell phone.

    • It could be multitasking (the biggest of all distractions).

    • It could be physical clutter in your home, office or car.

    • Pick the clutter you know is the most pervasive for you and holds you back from moving forward.

    • Be transparently honest with yourself, even if it hurts and set up a plan to wean out the clutter. Can you empty out a drawer? Clean a shelf? Can you turn off your cell phone when you’re working? Can you close all browsers not related to what you’re focusing on? Pick one.

  3. Share in the Facebook Group


Day 5 – Friday

  1. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal. Take stock of where you are in relation to it. Do you need to make adjustments?

  2. Think about good habits. What kind of habits would make it so much easier for you to reach your goals, or rock at aligning each part of the segment intending? Pick one for the day and set it in motion.

  3. Share in the Facebook Group


Day 6 – Saturday

  1. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal. Take stock of where you are in relation to it. Do you need to make adjustments?

  2. Contemplate on focus and clarity and what they mean to you. Now think about your goal. How did you apply your focus this week? Were you clear on your end goal and the steps that you need to take? Did you use focus and clarity with your segment intentions?

  3. Share in the Facebook Group


Day 7 – Sunday

  1. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal. Take stock of where you are in relation to it.

  2. Today is about follow through. Were you able to achieve your goal this week? If not, don’t worry. Tack on the remaining tasks to the next set of days and keep going!

  3. Share your week’s journey in the Facebook Group.

  4. Celebrate a week of success-in-action!!!

I hope you enjoyed this Game!

Feel free to leave comments below.

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