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How To Create A Success Mindset in 7 Days!

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Stan Lee didn’t catch his real big break until he turned 40. He went from filling inkwells and fetching coffee at a comic publication to becoming one of the most iconic comic creators in the world.

His path was not easy, yet he persisted through times of incredible turmoil and advanced many social issues through his comic books — infusing storylines with rich characters and plots.

Julia Child published her first cookbook at the age of 50, and went on from there to becoming one of the first celebrity chefs.

The path to success can be short or can take decades. But success depends on certain key factors. Aligning yourself first with mental success affects your journey!

To start, take an hour with a notebook and jot down the main projects, goals or dreams you yearn for.

Success tip: You CAN achieve many goals, but to truly succeed, give ONE of them your main attention.

For how long? Until you feel the flow moving quickly from attention to clarity to focus to inspiration and massive action!

At some point, there happens to be a natural dip in the flow. A point at which you’re either waiting for feedback (clients, sales, input, etc), the next step, or it’s time to take a break from it. That’s when you start up the next goal! You’ll will feel natural to take on the next one.

So for now, pick one goal for this week!

Follow along with each day’s breakdown below which combine the mindset and action side of things.

success mindset

Day 1

  1. Pick one goal you’d like to achieve this week.

  2. Break it down to daily tasks.

  3. Today’s mindset power words are excitement and energy.

  4. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal.

  5. Journal or keep track of your progress.

Day 2

  1. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal.

  2. Today’s mindset power words are: persistence and resilience. How did you apply them today? Think of a time that you were persistent about achieving something and succeeded, even when it seemed difficult!  

Day 3

  1. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal.

  2. Today’s mindset power phrase is: habits.

Specifically, poor habits. Hey, we all have them, it’s part of being human! Think about which bad habit you need to wean out and set up a plan to start now. You know which habits are holding you back or distracting you.

How can you make that habit almost impossible to do? Can you change your routine, schedule or add visual cues or distractions away from that habit?


Day 4

  1. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal.

  2. Today’s mindset power word is: Declutter. Think about clutter that you have in your life right now.

·         It could be mental/visual/emotional clutter like bouncing back and forth on social media or your cell phone.

·         It could be multitasking (the biggest of all distractions).

·         It could be physical clutter in your home, office or car.

·         Pick the clutter that bothers you the most.

·         Set up a plan to wean out the clutter. Could you empty out a drawer today? Clean a shelf? Turn off your cell phone when you’re working? Close all browsers other than what you’re focusing on? Pick one today and try it!

Day 5

  1. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal. Take stock of where you are now in relation to achieving it. Do you need to make adjustments?

  2. Today’s mindset power words are: beneficial habits. What kind of habits would make it so much easier for you to reach your goals? Working towards your goal earlier instead of later in the day? Starting up a gratitude or meditative practice? Pick one for the day and set it in motion!

Day 6

  1. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal. Take stock of where you are in relation to it. What adjustments do you need to make?

  2. Today’s mindset power words are: focus and clarity and what they mean to you and your goal. Were you able to focus on your goal this week? Were you clear on your end goal and the steps that you need to take? It’s okay if you got distracted or veered off course a little, it happens to all of us. The trick is just to bounce back up and keep going!

Day 7

  1. Complete your daily task towards your week’s goal. Take stock of where you are in relation to it.

  2. Today’s mindset power phrase is: follow through. Were you able to achieve your goal this week? If not, don’t worry. Tack on the remaining tasks to the next set of days and keep going!

  3. Celebrate a week of success-in-action!!!

Repeat this cycle for anything that you decide to achieve.

Your next goal could be mental/spiritual (achieve a certain state of awareness, education, understanding, level of consciousness, etc.)

It could be an emotional goal (intend to achieve more peace, satisfaction, joy, etc).

Or your goal could be physical (health and wellness, achieving a certain material goal, skill or pursuit, etc.)

Pick a date and give your goal all the details it needs to feel real to you.

As you get more and more used to cultivating this cycle, you will find it easier to expand the scope of what you set out to achieve.

Yes, you will fail along the way…many times over. Just get up…and keep going!

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