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Enhance Your Self Confidence

Do you find yourself getting nervous before you meet with people at a social event or when you have to speak in front of a group?

Does your throat feel dry? Do your palms get sweaty?

Do you find yourself imagining all the flubs that you might make?

Well, you can push through this AND feel great each time you do!

This guided audio will help you focus on self confidence and eloquence.

It will ease you into an increasingly comfortable state with other people in all scenarios! 

Who this is for:

  • Anyone who is shy or introverted and would love to connect more with others.

  • Anyone who would like to boost their self confidence.

  • Those who would like to enhance their ability with public speaking. 

 "Had my first listen and loved it!"


You can listen to a sample below.

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$9     Sale $3.99 


Or download the full album with all 4 meditations - over 70 minutes.

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