Have you found yourself starting and stopping just about every diet and exercise program on the planet over the last few years?


I have bought dozens and dozens of them! Only I found most exercise programs were either boring, inconvenient or just plain overtaxing. And they didn't fit very well around a real lifestyle for women juggling jobs and a family.


However I finally found 3 elements that worked for me incredibly well, perhaps because I learned how to cherry pick the best aspects (I'll share that in an upcoming post).


For resistance training, I ended up loving the program below (Old School New Body) and I highly recommend it!


It's simple and straightforward and best of all, you can do it at home or the gym!

All you need is a 5-pound dumbbell (if you want to do the exercises from home), or follow the cheat sheet at the gym.


It's set up in 3 stages so you can transition smoothly from beginner to advanced and at your own pace.


I saw results after 2 weeks! My biceps were much more clearly defined and my arms began to get quite toned.


The 2 diet plans that comes with it are clearly laid out, and pretty easy to follow.

I'm doing a slightly different diet right now, which I'll mention in another post, but the one included in Old School is excellent and I fall back on that one on certain weeks.


Check it out and order it if you want to give it a try!