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Step1: Plan ahead as best you can, and schedule tasks.


The #1 key to minimizing distractions and getting lost in overwhelm is to plan out everything you already have on your plate.


To do that, you just need to include these 3 sub-steps:


  1. Create 3 online Calendars - label them Home, Work and My Desires. 

  2. Start defining what you need to do in terms of next steps for each of these three categories and schedule them in. You don't need to know the whole picture - just start with where you're at and what you'd love to do next.

  3. Make sure to schedule blocks of "nothing" and vacation time in between. This is critical for refreshing your system so you can reboot. 

Step 2: Expect success.


  • Expect that when you plan and allow for downtime, you will succeed.

  • Expect that life will sometimes go off track - we live in a co-creative Universe, after all - but you can get right back on track each morning.

  • Expect that the Universe loves you and supports you!

  • Expect that as you power through and master what you're living NOW, you automatically ready yourself to launch into each next level. 

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