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The Rise of the Spiritual Rebel

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

There is a light that shines within the core of every human being.

We come into this world ready to explore, only to be told what it is exactly that we must explore more of.

It might be a religion, it might be a way of life, perhaps it’s a diet, or some type of exercise.

Maybe it’s a lifestyle, or a path of studies.

It might be the “only true path” or one of many.

Whatever it is, we’re told that if we don’t do it “this way”, then we’re doing it wrong.

And for a while, we comply. We’re eager to learn, to please, to be a part of something.

And somewhere along the way, the light is dulled.

Our gifts of clarity and focus are redirected by a relentless world of fear-mongers back to “that which we must do”.

Sometimes, it’s for “our own good”.

Sometimes, it’s not. But the light has dimmed enough to allow the darkness, the sadness to grow.

Our focus to fade into despair.

And that darkness, the sadness, finds other like energies to join its space.

There’s enough of it out there, simply read the news to find it.

And often, in our fuelled desire to focus back onto the light with dogged intensity, we ignore and deny what is out there.

Let’s talk about this…

Within many spiritual practices, there is a saying that we must ignore what is undesirable to keep our focus on what we want.

On the outside, there is a term called spiritual bypassing for those who are perceived to simply ignore anything and everything that is unwanted, and pretend that all is fine.

There’s an underlying fear that if we address awful things that are happening now, that we’re going to get more of those.

Focusing on the light and all that is good and desired is wonderful.

But there comes a time in all our lives, when we are faced with something in our NOW that we KNOW we cannot ignore.

The question is HOW to delve into it and deal with it.

HOW to delve into what-is without creating inner spiritual turmoil.

HOW to address what-is in the most effective way, without getting stuck there.

Spiritual rebels jump in and do anything that must be done NOW with their own unique inspired action, always keeping the intention forefront.

We are in a co-creative universe which means that it’s not only OUR vibrations and focus that creates our 3D world. We live and exist with others, all of whom are creating.

Our vibrations cross, mingle, and engage – simply look at one household, perhaps your own family, to see different energies in motion.

So there are times that we’re experiencing the creations of others.

And we fall into the trap of “did I attract it?"

Or worse, this is shouted at us left and right from certain others who are into spiritual practice yet clearly ignore empathy and timing!

And you wonder…what screwed up mess do I live in?

Is it the world in the newspapers or the one with the spiritual shouters?

The truth is that you will choose a side.

Or you will ignore the noise.

And when you ignore the noise and turn back to the SOURCE of your light.

And you allow YOURSELF to be the channel of your inspiration

And your next steps

You, my friend, are a spiritual rebel

YOU are one who looks at what-is, and deals with that sh*t NOW

You DEAL with it the BEST you can

In YOUR own way

And you let it FLOW out of your present KNOWING you have done your very best in THIS moment,

along with YOUR values to live through it and do what must be done.

Maybe it’s by giving your all to whatever job, life you have in this moment.

Because you KNOW that the “now” flows into your future.

And you’re not afraid of what-is.

Because whoever attracted it – whether it was yourself, or co-created, or created by someone else completely and you ended up with that stuff in a moment of non-focus = none of that matters!

What matters is NOW and how we deal with it.

And you, as a spiritual rebel, know that you have the GUTS to face ANYTHING now.

YOU know that ANY teachings, any platform, any perspective at all – will pass through YOU first, to be dealt with as you see fit.

To align with YOUR connection with love and light – and the understanding that WE ALL have shadows and sadness and other human stuff to deal with.

But you, as a spiritual rebel – know that ALL OF YOU is lovable. And that you are changing in EVERY moment – expanding, growing, learning, and influencing.

Your shadows are simply that. Shadows of yesterday’s experiences. They deserve the loving gentleness of human frailties, love and light.

And to be released into the past. As all upcoming, unraveling shadows will be.

And today, today you LIVE as the powerful creator you are – working your magic into the everyday fabric of your life.

And by engaging the powers of the Universe AND your powerful intentions to make this a better world for us all.

With love,


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