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Stop Choking The Heck Out of Abundance

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

This morning as I started my day...

I saw the lake shining in its early morning luminosity.

Waves pounding against the wooden boards placed just short of the shore, whitecaps soaring over the edges.

The wind was light and playful, nothing like the 90 kph windstorm from the week before.

The sun, bright and cheerful, felt warm upon my face.

You’d never guess that only a week ago, we’d lived through an ice storm, a windstorm and a day of intense summer heat within the space of a few days.

And yet here we are, spring on the doorstep.

The fresh green of blossoming leaves bursting out into the sun.

You can FEEL their joy, you can SENSE it.

And it brought me to the realization of flow.

And how it ties into abundance, and how we channel that abundance into our lives.

Or not…

Abundance is more than money, wealth, the stuff, a “mindset.”

Way, WAY more...

Abundance is an awareness of energy, of flow…
Abundance is existing in alignment with that flow

Understanding that our higher self – our inner self – our SOUL - rests deeply into the state of flow.

Because when you feel the flow and think, and act from that place, it feels GOOD.

And our higher | inner self always feels good.

You know that.

You FEEL that.

Every time you bring your awareness into the NOW moment and just for a second ignore what happened in the past, or what you think is going to happen, there’s a lightness.

A lightness that is an EASING of constriction.

A lightness that’s the beginning of expansion.

The MOMENT of expansion.

You feel that, don’t you, Beautiful?

And when we curtail that flow of energy through us, either from inside outward to the world (hoarding? yes done that!)

Or from the outside in (trouble with receiving? hello been there!)

We automatically squeeze this flow, we choke it.

And then of course, we say wtf?

And we go back to our old stories.

We remind ourselves of our childhood deprivations.

We remind others about the crappy money experiences we recently had.

All to justify the chokehold.

All to mask the pain of not understanding this dripping tap of goodness that never seems to flow.

All we have to do, is look outside.

Nature GETS it.

Nature IS it.

Nature is power.

Wind, sun, water, all of it.


Nature doesn’t look for permission.

Nature doesn’t look back at the past.

Nature doesn’t care about stories.

Nature creates, lives, transforms.

It just IS.



When we bring in the elements of power, energy, presence and we FLOW with it, we allow ourselves to CHANNEL our soul from FLOW, and through the NOW.

And then…

Oh Beautiful, and then, you have just opened the doors for ABUNDANCE to POUR into your life!

Right here, right now, decide what you’re going to flow from your soul today and do it!

What is your soul calling you to flow today?

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