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Gary Bodley and The Teachings of Joshua

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Gary Bodley is a Law of Attraction enthusiast who discovered and developed his ability to channel a group of non-physical teachers known as Joshua, who dive deep into the teachings and principles of LOA.

Enjoy this wonderful interview with Gary and Joshua...


Thank you for being here, Gary!

How did you begin to channel Joshua and how did you feel when you realized what was happening?

It all began when I started meditating. I had this feeling that I should be meditating. It was very strange because I had always been totally resistant to meditation. I just thought it was weird. Then I began hearing all these stories of famous people, who I admired, meditating. So, in the summer of 2013, I bought the Abraham-Hicks guided meditations and my wife, Lili, and I began meditating.

At first, it was rather difficult and we could only meditate for a minute or two. But we stuck with it and before long we could complete each meditation. I think they are about 15 minutes each. In the beginning I had very little control over my thoughts and I really noticed how they would wander and how random they seemed to be.

Then one day while meditating, something very strange happened. I started getting this obvious feeling on the right side of my head. It would start at my upper jaw and slowly move around the right side of my skull. It felt as if there was a hand moving around my face, but it was beneath the skin. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all. In fact, in time, it became rather comforting and I would look forward to it. When it was happening, I was able to stop thinking about anything else.

This presence was so obvious that I just started talking to it. I would ask questions and receive the answers. It would be instantaneous. The interesting thing is the thoughts sounded and felt like my own thoughts. I had always assumed that the thoughts would sound different. But in my case, they sounded and felt like my own thoughts. However, the information that came through was far beyond anything I would have thought at the time. At some point I asked the entity its name and the reply was “We are Joshua!”

It was a group, like Abraham. In the middle of November 2013, during a meditation, Joshua asked me to get up and “Write, write, write.” I went to my home office, shut the door and just started typing. In about half an hour there were three typed pages and it was the first three pages in Joshua’s first book “A Perception of Reality.” That routine continued for eight weeks and the book was finished. That experience of writing out a completely new (at least for me) philosophy about life and how physical reality works made me a believer that I was channeling information coming from somewhere else.

How do you know when you’re about to receive channeled information, do you feel certain emotional and physical sensations?

It’s a bit different when writing now after four years of doing it every day. Joshua is always with me in every single moment of the day. They are not intrusive at all, just there. So if I think about something a bit more deeply, I’ll get their input. When I sit down to write the answer to a question, I simply clear my mind and let them come forth and I write whatever I hear/receive. The way I know they are there is that everything comes out perfectly clearly with no hesitation and no need to stop and think. It just flows.

It’s really like being in a flow state. It comes out so quickly that it’s rather exhausting. I feel like I’m playing the piano or something without having to think about it. I usually don’t really know what I’ve written until I read it back and proofread and correct all the typos. I type much faster than I am physically able to and I do not stop to fix the mistakes.

There is no real emotion other than ease and being in the flow. It’s nice and I look forward to it because it’s interesting, but I am not filled with love and joy as you might expect. It’s fun and satisfying, like it feels whenever you are doing something you are interested in or passionate about. I guess that with all the books, the articles, and all the answers, I’ve written over a million words in less than four years.

The nice thing for me is that I don’t have to attach any value in relation to my own self-worth. I’m never critical about comes out. I don’t have any desire for it to be different than it is. I consider it to be information that is for everyone and belongs to everyone and it doesn’t make me special for putting it on paper. I didn’t do anything special and I’m not any different than anyone else. I just get to do what I enjoy doing and I allow it to be as clear and unadulterated as I can. It is what it is exactly as it comes through me and onto the page.

Channeling Joshua verbally in front of people is a different story. I have to close my mind and invite them in. It’s a ritual I do before every live session. I focus the entire day around channeling Joshua. I spend the morning answering questions in writing and then I meditate right before the call (we record the calls and turn them into podcast episodes called Joshua Live). Kyla sets up the calls and brings everyone online via Skype. She then brings me into the call and I say a few hellos to everyone. Then I close my eyes, breathe deeply, set my intentions, and let them in. When they come, I feel it intensely. It’s like a wave of joy. They feel like giddy, silly children who can’t wait to get into my body and take over. It feels good.

While it’s happening, I have to maintain my concentration. They aren’t really controlling my body, per se, they are feeding me thoughts and I just say whatever comes. However, if you watch any of these live calls on YouTube, you will see that I wave my hands around all the time and make some very embarrassing facial expressions. It’s funny to watch, but what it really is, is authentic joy.

How are you currently sharing Joshua’s Teachings?

These teachings have definitely evolved over the last four years. It all started with the first book “A Perception of Reality.” Then came three more books: “A Radical Change in Your Approach to Life” and “Health, Wealth & Love” and “The Joshua Diet” along with two playbooks that accompany the Joshua Diet.

From the very beginning, people started sending me questions for Joshua to answer. Many of those questions are available for free on our website: along with a lot of other stuff. One of my oldest and closest friends, Debra Jo Bright, started creating visual quotes and those are all available on the website. They are phenomenal.

One of the first things Joshua wanted to do is create a way of working with one person over time to help them integrate these teachings in order to radically change the tempo and quality of their lives. That program is called the One on One. It entails a commitment to ask Joshua 3-4 questions per week, not make any major changes during the program, the participant must commit to a set amount of time (usually six months or more) and meditate every single day.

So far we have done One on One programs with about twenty people and the results are fascinating. About half the people begin to channel themselves. Everyone has a completely new outlook on life by the end of the program. It’s quite fun to watch them evolve as they go through the program.

The Teachings of Joshua

What are some of your exciting new offerings?

We do two weekly podcasts available on Podbean and iTunes. In addition to Joshua Live, we do a show called The Teachings of Joshua Roundtable. I host the show with four other One on One students. It’s a lot of fun and we talk about how the teachings are infecting and affecting our lives. We are all regular people with normal everyday issues and stuff just happens and we try to put it into context with regard to what we are learning via Joshua. It’s nice because people get to see how we use what we’ve learned to improve our lives. Sometimes it’s successful and other times we completely fail. But we don’t hold anything back and that’s why so many people are attracted to it.

We also have a weekly newsletter where I share a question that was answered during the week. Plus there are updates on the podcasts, or new books or events. We have a public Facebook page and everyday there is a Joshua Quote. We also have a private Facebook group. That’s a lot of fun because it is a community of like-minded people and we all share how Joshua is helping us see things from more empowering perspectives.

We also do two live events per year. We had a wonderful Joshua Cruise in the Caribbean last March and a Joshua Land Cruise at Club Med in Florida this week. People get to sit in the hot seat and ask Joshua questions live in person. There is so much energy exchanged in these gatherings that it is really life-changing. Everyone comes out of these events changed forever with their vibrations at new levels.

Does Joshua connect with Abraham (Abraham-Hicks)? Or are they the same group of teachers?

It was explained to me that Abraham is the unique combination of Esther and this group of teachers. Joshua is the unique combination of me and this group of teachers. If you were to channel, you would have a name for the group and it would be the combination of you and this group of teachers. The group of teachers is always changing and expanding and so it is not exactly the same all the time.

My personal interests affect what comes through me. For instance, I am not particularly interested in angels, ghosts or aliens and so none of that comes through. I am interested in abundance and seeing real results from all of this and that’s why more specific information comes through me as compared to other channelers.

That’s why the One on One program was created; because I want to see the results. I’m getting over that now because I’ve seen the results that occur when someone is forced to participate over an extended amount of time. Now I want to see the effects of the whole community and I’ve begun to be interested in growing the community and expanding the teachings. So interviews like this pop up and new opportunities to impact more people become available to me. It’s all based on the vibration I am offering and what I will allow to come forward.

How has channeling Joshua affected your personal life as Gary?

Channeling itself hasn’t affected my life, the information has. As I now see the reality behind physical reality and understand the laws of the universe, I am beginning to live in accordance with those laws rather than in opposition to them. If you know my story, you know that I built a small fortune in business and in the 2008 crash, I lost everything. That loss created a desire to find a way to get back what I lost. That led me to The Secret, then to Abraham, and eventually to channeling Joshua. When Joshua arrived, I knew the very basics of the Law of Attraction.

Joshua is more specific than Abraham and so I learned a lot more specific stuff. I leaned to go with the flow of life and to see everything as good and right. I’ve learned the difference between what I think I want and what I truly want. I have learned who I really am and how worthy we all are. I have no interest in impressing anyone. In my past life, that’s all I was about. I was constantly trying to prove myself worthy and to be liked. Now, I could care less (well a lot less) about what others think because I understand my own worthiness more now.

I am truly abundant now and I understand how abundance actually works. I have everything I need, when I need it. Everything is unfolding perfectly as long as I go with the flow. I spend all my time on my passions: Joshua, playing high-stakes poker, traveling, and cooking. I don’t spend one minute doing anything I don’t want to do because I know there is no power in that. I spend a lot of time figuring out how to feel good and I am much more committed to that. I have been using the Joshua Diet playbooks daily and I’ve recently lost twenty pounds and I feel great.

The side effect of focusing on my passions is living in joy and freedom. An incredible community has formed around these teachings. They are some of the most open-minded, caring and accepting people I’ve ever met. It’s like having a family that you get to choose (well, you really choose your family too!). I’m spending most of my time having fun. In the old days I spent most of my time trying to control the conditions and trying to make people happy. That was a hard way of living. This is the easy way and it’s really working nicely.

The Teachings of Joshua

May we ask Joshua a few questions?

What is the secret to effortless manifesting?

(This is now coming from Joshua) This is the simplest question of all. Become a perfect vibrational match to anything you want. However, we must warn you that what you think you want is often very different than what you truly want. Prior to your birth into this reality, you set intentions for what you would like to explore. You wanted to feel love, joy, excitement, passion, interest, freedom, abundance, etc. These are your true desires. Coming in, you knew you were worthy, eternal, good, and valuable. You do not have to prove this to yourself or anyone else. False desires are all based on the assumption that you are not good, worthy, or valuable.

Your true desires will unfold on their own as long as you do not resist them. You are here to live a unique experience of life. Everything that comes to you is for you. Everything in your reality is feedback. You are either living in alignment with who you are and what you truly want or not. If your life is unfolding easily and smoothly, then you have become and are becoming a match to everything you truly want. You are not resisting how your life is unfolding.

However, if you perceive that things are going wrong, that is feedback. You are offering a vibration that is contrary to what you really want. You do this only because you do not really understand how the system works or what the feedback is telling you. It’s telling you that you are considering some things to be bad, wrong, or not working out for you. That is simply fear. If you can process that fear and alter the limiting belief at the basis of each fear, you can choose a new perspective and actually see how everything that comes to you is for your direct benefit.

You came here to expand through experience. You can expand through joyful experiences or painful ones. It doesn’t really matter. However, this is a feeling reality and if you are working within the laws of the universe, everything feels good and is easy. That is the basis of the system. If things seem difficult or painful, then you are operating in opposition to the natural laws of the universe. Change your approach to life so that you are more often feeling good and doing the things you personally like to do. Struggle and effort are not required for you to receive that which you truly want.

Effortless manifesting is achieved through doing what you want, pursuing whatever you are personally interested in, and by finding your passion in life. Allowing your true desires to unfold by understanding who you really are is easy. Trying to prove to yourself or others that you are worthy of love is a bit more difficult and it never really works.

How do I stop blocking financial abundance coming to me when everything else in my life seems to be going great?

If everything is going great in your life, then you are living a perfectly abundant life. Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. If that means attracting money, then that’s what will happen. But by thinking you need money to explore reality as you intended, you block the flow of abundance to some degree.

This is a loving and caring universe and the reality of the physical environment is that it is a playground in which you can live the life you intended to live. Everything you need to fulfill the promise of that life is available to you. You do not have to do anything to receive it. It is given to you. All you can do is unintentionally block it by believing it is not coming.

Think about what abundance really is. It is not excess; it is what you need when you need it. When you need to breathe, you breathe and the air is always there. When you need to drink, the water is there, in abundance. When you are hungry, the food is available in abundance. You think you need money, but that has nothing to do with the life you intended to live. You might want certain things and that is fine. But when you limit how they can come to you, you cut off the abundance that is always flowing. Money is only one way things can come.

Most people crave money because they fear that without it they lack security and freedom. This is not true, but the limiting belief makes it true for those who choose to harbor that belief. You can only receive that which you need to do the things you need to do when you need to do them. If you perceive that you cannot do something because you don’t have the money in the bank, you simply limit what you can do.

If you had faith that the resources would come when needed, then you would go ahead and do the thing knowing that the resources, whatever they may be, would show up at the right time. You have to leap before you look and trust that if you are inspired to do something, then it is right for you. Of course, there is a lot more to this story than we have space for here. It has a lot to do with how you approach life and what you truly believe.

Why are some people highly sensitive and how does one get back quickly to alignment from a place of pain?

All of those who are interested in the laws of the universe are highly sensitive beings. It is quite beneficial to be highly sensitive. Those who are less sensitive tend to accept their emotions without ever understanding the point of those emotions. It is good to notice when you feel negative emotion because the emotion contains a message. The message is that you are choosing a perspective that does not match the perspective your inner self has on the subject at hand.

When you choose a limited perspective, you disconnect yourself from alignment with your inner self and you are given a message in the form of negative emotion. It’s your built-in guidance system at work. It is not bad or wrong to feel negative emotion, just like it’s not bad or wrong to receive a letter in the mail. It’s simply a message. The message is that you are looking at the subject in a way that is not empowering or beneficial; it is limiting.

In order to live a limitless life, you must learn to recognize that when you feel negative emotion, it is a sign that you have a belief that is not helpful; it’s limiting. The limiting belief is never true. It is causing you to perceive your reality in a limited way. If you maintain this limited perspective, you will never get what you want. Therefore, you must identify the limiting belief, prove that it is not true, and reduce its intensity so that it has less and less impact on your life. You must not simply accept your beliefs as true if they are of no benefit to you. Believing that rich people are evil is not beneficial if you are seeking more abundance in your life.

The reason you feel negative emotion is because a limiting belief has triggered a fear, which causes you to perceive that there is danger lurking ahead. You are looking at the subject from a limited perspective. If you had more information, you could see that the fear is irrational and that there is no real danger. It’s just that you are living life looking at things from your unique perspective, which is obscured by certain limiting beliefs. Negative emotion comes in response to your decision to choose a limited perspective. It’s your inner self telling you that you are looking at something in a way that is not real. It’s false.

Do you realize that you have a choice when it comes to perspectives? You sometimes choose the limited perspective without really thinking about it. You automatically think certain things are bad and wrong and when you do this, you receive negative emotion. If you continue to think these things are wrong, then you will continue to feel bad and to send out a vibrational signal that will never allow you to become a match to the things you want. Your inner self understands this and that's why it maintains a perspective that is always elevated and empowering.

If you can maintain the same perspective (maintain your alignment), then you will expand into the version of you that is a vibrational match to all of your desires. So the only way to bounce back to feeling good and being in alignment from a place of pain is by resolving the fear, proving the limiting belief is false, and consciously choosing the higher perspective.

If you had no fear or no limiting beliefs, you would never, ever lose your alignment and it would be impossible to ever feel negative emotion. However, fear is an integral part of this reality. It’s not your goal to become fearless, it’s your true desire to become courageous. Courage is the ability to process fear. The better you get a processing fear, the more in alignment you will be, the more often you will feel good, and the quicker you will manifest your desires.

The Teachings of Joshua

How do I get to a stage where "doing" exercises and practices are no longer necessary to elevate my vibration and how can I easily access high vibration as my natural state?

We want to make a distinction here. Your vibration can only rise. It can only expand. It can never shrink or be lower. Once you have an experience, you have expanded and you and your soul can never contract. What you are really talking about is moving from a high emotional state of being to a low emotional state of being and then getting back into alignment. Can you move from a negative emotional state to an elevated emotional state without having to do exercises and practices? Yes.

In fact, you can get so good at maintaining your alignment that whenever you receive the first hint of a negative emotion, you will process it automatically. This is how you were designed. If you were taught how to process fear and maintain your alignment as a child, this would be effortless and automatic by now. The key doing this is by radically changing your entire approach to life.

There are two possible approaches to life; one of control and one of allowing. One approach works in unison with the laws of the universe and the other works in opposition to those laws. Can you guess which is which? The old approach to life of control is the one you have adopted and were taught to believe as a child. It is the approach where you conform to societal norms in order to fit in and be liked. You have a habit of duality. You tend to automatically judge things as good or bad, right or wrong. That is the old approach to life. Judgment is a form of control and is based in fear. The new approach to life revolves around the idea of neutrality.

There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Everything is right. Nothing is inherently good or bad, it’s actually neutral. The universe is based in neutrality. If it wasn’t, physical reality would not work. If everyone had the power to eliminate anything they didn’t like, there would be nothing left. This reality is designed for the infinite range of possible experiences. What is not right for you does not mean it isn’t right for someone else. In the new approach to life, you understand how things might be good from another, higher perspective.

It is in the ability to choose the higher perspective that will enable you to maintain your alignment and feel good more of the time. Occasionally you will choose a limited perspective because some limiting belief buried deep inside you is triggered by something and you will feel fear. The negative emotion is simply a signal from your inner self alerting you to the fact that you have chosen to see something as bad or wrong. As soon as you choose the higher perspective and look for the positive aspects of the subject at hand, you’ll feel better. If you do this enough, it will become automatic.

You have lived by the old approach of control for a long time and there is a lot of momentum behind that. You now are far more likely to choose a limited perspective than a higher perspective, but that is simply a habit. Habits can be broken. Change your mind about the inherent quality of things and start to look at more things as good. It might not be something you like, but it doesn’t mean it is bad. It is an experience that someone has come here to explore. If the experience was not valid and necessary for the person having the experience, the experience could not exist.

With our love,

We are Joshua

The Teachings of Joshua

Books by Joshua. CLICK on the image to download your copy:

Health, Wealth & Love by Gary Bodley
A Radical Change by Gary Bodley

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