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Law of Attraction Magical circle Private Parties & Games

Ken Davies

Join the Party!

Getting bored of the Newsfeed on Facebook?

Are you tired of annoying pictures on Instagram?

Can't stand those LinkedIn robot-like interactions?

Want to add more fun into your day so you can enjoy your life right now?


Join us at the fun, vibrant and interactive Law of Attraction Parties & Games group on Facebook!

I create Law of Attraction inspired Games and we play ongoing rounds of Games together in this private group.


All the Games and Parties are specially designed to:

  • boost your manifesting powers,

  • enhance your confidence in your own conscious creative abilities, and

  • see real results happening in your life but in your own time.

How It Works:

  • Law of Attraction Games are launched every other month or so

  • Each Law of Attraction Game runs for 21-30 days

  • Every Game is followed by an Appreciation & Gratitude Party

Jump in and play anytime. We're on Facebook so it doesn't matter if a Game is already live, you can join and play whenever and for as long as you like.

One of the most fun parts is interacting with fellow players in a live environment. We all enjoy each others' support and cheers. And we all learn from each others' questions and experiences!

Take breaks when you need it and play again when you’re ready.

The Games are practical, easy and fun but all of them are also deeply spiritual from a Law of Attraction context.

All Games played then become "Evergreen" in the Facebook group so you can play multiple Games at any time and frolic in any of the Parties.

Posting in the Evergreen Parties and Games keeps them “current.”

The live Games are the inspiration for the Game Books and Adventures which are in-depth books and programs that you can experience in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

These action-packed programs are filled with tools that:

- increase your self-love

- boost your self-esteem

- enhance your confidence

How We Play:

  • Advance plan-ahead instructions are posted for each upcoming Game.

  • You'll learn multiple ways to manifest with ease, clarity and focus.

  • Full instructions are posted on launch-days.

  • We all enjoy the live-time interactions with other LOA players.

  • Inspiring and game-related posts are shared to keep the momentum high.

  • Players share REAL results in real time.

  • I'm always happy to share ongoing coaching tips related to the Games. :)


Members say that one of the many wonderful gifts through all these games are the feelings of joy, confidence and connection.



And as we LOA conscious creators know, feeling GOOD is what manifests MORE to feel good about!!

Get your “high-vibe” on!!

New Games & Adventures:


Click on any of the images below to explore the Games & Adventures.

Scroll further down for the FREE Facebook group links and to the free live Games.


Join us - and amplify your manifesting!

See You At The Party! Woo hoo!


There are 3 FUN Facebook groups...

Click on the picture or the button below to join: 

The Magical Circle Private Parties & Games

Facebook Group Pics.png

 Joyful Life Mastery

This is a Law of Attraction group where we share uplifting quotes, pictures, videos - anything that helps us to reach, share and maintain high vibrations.

Click on the image below to join the group.

Facebook Group Pics.png

Law of Attraction Power Quotes

This is a brand new Law of Attraction Facebook group where we share uplifting quotes only for quick and inspired reading.

Click on the image below to join the group.

Facebook Group Pic.png

Evergreen Games:

Below are the Games that you can play anytime in the Facebook Games Group.

Once you join the Group, simply type the name of the Game in the search bar.

The Magic Pill.

Set the intention to allow and accept magic into your life each day this month.

Hello Big Spender!

This is an inspired-action Game which will boost your powers of connection and focus on money, amongst other wonderful things.

The Joshua Abundance Game:


This Game is based on the Teachings of Joshua. Joshua is a non-physical group of teachers similar to Abraham and is channeled by Gary Bodley.

The goal of this 21-day Game is to expand our ability to allow financial abundance into our lives. This game is perfect for those who love a bit of ritual and routine.

The Pivot Party:

Consciously pivot away from things in your day that aren't to your liking and towards things that bring you joy.

There are 50+ days of happy pivoting!

7-Day Money Magic Challenge:

A jump start into the Abundance game.

You will become aware of all the gifts you receive. Focusing on them brings in more.

The Abundance Game:

In this Game, you will learn how to boost your abundance-activating super powers. Full instructions are provided along with optional daily boosters.

A few examples of actual goodies manifested during the Games:

  • Unexpected fully paid trips and vacations

  • Money, cash, gifts

  • Jewelry

  • Job offers

  • Attracting rebates, deals, offers, meals

  • Special time with loved ones

  • Compliments, joyful moments

  • Concrete signs of goals manifesting

  • Experiencing and witnessing abundance more and more daily!

The 68-Second Manifesting Magic Game:


  • This is based on an Abraham-Hicks teaching. In this Game, you'll learn how to consciously focus on creating your desires in only 68 seconds a day.

  • You'll use your own goals, and you can combine it with daily boosters for accelerated manifesting.

  • Do you want to improve your relationship with your spouse?

  • Would you like to attract a new love?

  • Do you want to pursue a dream job or creative project?

  • You'll learn how to redirect your focus here!


Manifesting always starts from the inside - you'll see real results unfolding from the inside out as you get better and better at managing your vibrations. Your decisions and focus become more conscious and more powerful. 

Love Gift

The Games group was recently a subscription group for paid members, however it's been opened up for everyone to play.


If you wish to contribute to the energy exchange, you are most welcome to!

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