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Joyful Abundance

A Gratitude Journal Workbook

"I love it!!!"


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Image by Kseniya Lapteva




Whether you're an introvert who loves to write in privacy, or an extrovert who loves to be out and about...

hold this little journal close to your heart and make it yours.

Tuck it away in a private spot, or take it with you everywhere.


Let your dreams pour out onto paper. Dive in to all that your heart desires and write it out.


Draw it, sketch it, doodle it.

Envision it and feel the energy flow!

A NEW, freshly launched gratitude journal, uniquely created from the perspective of abundance.


Gentle guided daily prompts walk alongside you to enhance each day with delightful positivity.

Created by award winning author PK Davies.

Grab a copy today, and start your journey!