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Joyful Abundance

A Printable Gratitude Journal Workbook

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Are you craving time to dream and reflect?

Life gets incredibly busy, doesn't it? And oh, so messy sometimes.

It isn't always joyful either. All we can cultivate hope and gratitude wherever we can find it.

And do our best to help others wherever we can.

With the Joyful Abundance journal, let your dreams pour out onto paper.

Dive into all that your heart desires, yearns for, and write it out.

Draw it, sketch it, doodle it.

Envision it and feel the energy flow!

Joyful Abundance is a NEW, freshly launched gratitude journal, uniquely created from the perspective of Abundance.

Elevate your life with this beautiful journal that will unleash your creativity and accelerate appreciation!


Daily gratitude and optimism

Gentle, guided daily prompts help you dive into 30 magical aspects of Abundance. Look forward to a new day enhanced with wondrous positivity. Yes, even if yesterday turned to'll be able to reboot and recharge today.

A potent habit

Using a gratitude journal is one of the most powerful practices for mind, body and spirit. The Joyful Abundance journal opens the door to astounding transformations. Feel your spirit awaken from the very first day you use it.


Super easy and fun to use

Print out the beautiful PDF worksheets if you love to write by hand (I do).

Or simply type into them each day (the PDF is fillable too).

Log your Abundance and gratitude daily. Journal all that you dream of.

And watch them expand with Life.

What’s inside…

  • 30 powerful aspects of Abundance are spread out over 200 pages of beautiful inspiration.

  • Each aspect is set up with 4 pages of gentle guided prompts for you to set intentions, affirm, script and dream.

  • Gratitude and abundance logs draw your attention back to all the blessings that enrich your life.

  • Daily guided scripting helps you clarify your purpose and focus on your dreams.

  • Inspirational quotes are included to refresh your spirit and warm your heart.

May this Journal inspire your dreams!



(Unedited) Reviews...

"Priceless. Powerful inspirations and encouragements - which evoke awareness, hope and resilience - triggering the potential for unlimited possibilities."

"Very in-depth! Unlike most journals, this one is full of different exercises and inspirational content to keep you going. It's beautifully designed and written."

"Cute little gratitude journal! This gratitude journal has been an amazing resource and helpful tool for my life. It has a beautiful style and lots of helpful prompts to get your gratitude journey going. There is no pressure to contribute daily but the style and suggestions have left me struggling to put it down! Cannot recommend it enough!"

"A joy of a journal! It is absolutely wonderful!
Light and positive, this journal provides ample excercises for self-reflection and for finding positivity every day with a good variety of prompts and space to write and doodle responses to those prompts.
The illustrations provide additional color and interest to the pages and really do create a sense of joy!"

"Beautiful journal! Joyful Abundance makes self-improvement a true pleasure! This journal is filled with vivid illustrations and inspiring quotes. There's plenty of space for reflection, and each theme invites you to think about life in a different way. If you're ready to make meaningful progress toward your goals, Joyful Abundance is a great place to start!"

"If you are new too a Gratitude Practice or to Journaling you NEED this!! Okay, even if you’re not new to either you will love this book. Great writing prompts, a pretty book and so essential for taking self-care time outs from our hectic lives. I also think it would make a great gift that anyone would appreciate and benefit from!"

"This charming interior design style appeals to me. It provides you with a lot of motivation, encouragement, and optimism. The diary includes daily guided prompts for 30 powerful characteristics of abundance. Each element has four pages of gentle prompts for setting aims, affirming, scripting, and dreaming."

"I think this is a cute and pretty journal. The inside is done lovely with pretty colors. It will be good to have this to be grateful for all the things in our lives. This journal keeps track of those things and helps you to realize the good things you have in your life. I highly recommend this journal if you want one that is nicely done and very useful."

Science has now proven that gratitude is a powerful healer – not just mentally and emotionally but also on a physiological, genetic and epigenetic level.

Gratitude has the power to completely transform your life, it plays a pivotal role in empowering and achieving in all seven areas of your life.

- Dr John Demartini


After payment, you'll receive your download link and password in your email inbox right away. If you have any issues at all, email us at joyfullifemastery at

We are here for you.

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