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A new Law of Attraction Game

I Like to Move It!


This Game is all about releasing stagnant energy and injecting a little fun!


Together, we're going to lose some stuff! And move some energy!!

You get 3 Playcards and the Game Play steps are simple:

Step #1:  Pick one item from any card 

Step #2:  Have fun doing them :)

Step #3 (optional):  Let us know in the comments below


And what are these delicious Playcard activities, you ask?

See below!

Tiny little steps done regularly have far more POWER than big steps taken once in a while.

In this Game, you'll use the momentum of "minimum" to release and embrace.

If it seems like fun, then commit to playing for a specific time (7 days to a month).

Right click on the images to download them onto your desktop. They'll download as full size sheets. Or take a picture of each one and play them off your phone gallery.


The bigger purpose of this Game is to clear energetic, emotional and physical clutter so you can replace it with what you desire - and free yourself up emotionally to focus and take inspired action on your life contributions!


1)   Remove 1 thing that you don't need anymore from your bedroom, one of your drawers and from a closet. Yes, remove one thing from all 3 places. You'll feel better instantly. That stuff piles up faster than you can say Jeez, they're making clothes smaller and smaller these days!

2)   Delete 3 unwanted emails from your email Inbox. Extra points if you unsubscribe from the ones you tell yourself to open but never do. Those noises that you're hearing in your head before you fall asleep? That's not your neighbour's  headboard, that is THE CHANT OF UNREAD EMAILS screaming for you! Energetic clutter is a real thing. Delete to replete.  

3)   Throw away a belief. What are you always being hard on yourself for? You know what it is. Write it down on paper. And rip it into bits. Say out loud "that's it, I'm done judging myself!" At least for today. If you take it day by day, it gets easier, promise.

Fill The Space:

1)   Thank a space. Everything is energy. Your emotions generate energy. Have you ever stood in a room with 2 people who are angry and just felt tremendous negativity? Yes, you can feel that energy without them saying a word, and if you're an empath it's amplified. Fun and soothing energy does the same thing - you can sense it. So I invite you to fill your space with intentional presence. As you walk into any room or space, consciously send out a thank you. You can say thank you out loud if you like. I do sometimes (when no one's around to look at me funny).

2)   Fill your lungs! Most of us barely breathe. Look down at your chest right now and breathe like normal. Did your chest move more than 1 inch? At this moment your lungs are saying Gad, bring on the hurricanes, I don't care if winter is coming! Breathe in so deeply that your entire abdomen swells. Do that while you're counting to 3. Hold your breath to the count of 3. Now let out your breath slowly to the count of 3. Do that sequence 9 times in total. Count them on your fingers - you may feel light headed the first few times as your lungs reel with drunken delight and shock.

3)   Embrace a belief. After clearing is the best time to bring in what you do want. Think about anything you'd like to bring into your life. Play it light if you like. You can pick a character trait, you can pick a life value, you can pick anything. Sum it up to one keyword. Then mumble it to yourself several times during the day. Don't bring your phone to the bathroom, bring your keyword and mutter it to yourself. Say it in your mind when you're walking to the car or during transit. Sing it in the shower! Replace those moments in time with your conscious keyword. This is a simple mind-mastery technique.

I Like to Move It!

1)   Walk. Take a 10 minute walk or longer outside. Feel the air on your skin. Breathe. Look at the trees. You'll get an incredibly therapeutic and soothing effect from being close to nature. If you can't go outside due to the weather, get up and walk anywhere! Your body was made to move. If you have a habit of eating lunch at your desk, or sauntering off at zombie speed to get a latte, try to get in a brisk walk anywhere. Your body will feel alive! 

2)   Smile! This is one of my favourite ways to move energy! I have an entire section devoted to the power of a smile in The Law of Attraction Game Book, that's how much your smile affects your surroundings. Your smile is catchy! Pass it around to others and watch how fast the energy clears and changes wherever you are.

3)   Dance like you mean it. Get your earbuds, your headphones or go into a room with speakers. Put on one tune that you love and dance! That 5 minutes will completely change your energy as you move! 


Feel free to leave comments below as you play

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