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A new Law of Attraction Game


This Game is all about noticing people, places, things and experiences that you are grateful for, or that you appreciate.

If you find it a little tricky sometimes, you might like to read this article on how to get back to feeling great.

Feelings of appreciation and gratitude can quite literally change the background of your life. It can colour the way you experience your day, and where you place your focus.

The Game Play is simple:

Step 1:  Think about anything or anyone that makes you feel grateful 

Step 2:  Think about anything in your life that you appreciate

Step 3:  Write it down somewhere or say it out loud. That manifests the energy from within to without!


Advanced Game Play:

Find something to appreciate about yourself every single day. 

This sets up a habit with a cumulative effect - and it naturally raises your self-esteem!

Here are some appreciating-ideas to contemplate, in no particular order...

  • Yourself :)

  • Someone in your family who inspires or supports you

  • Your kids

  • A good friend

  • Fun adventures you have planned

  • The source of your inspiration

  • The source of your income

  • Your city

  • Your home

  • Luxuries that you enjoy

  • Your pets

  • Your surroundings

  • Someone who helped you

  • An artist that created music you love

  • Your favourite authors and books

  • Things that make you laugh

  • Anything and anyone that makes you feel wonderful

  • Date night

  • Your stuff

  • Your business offerings that help others

  • Your money

  • Rituals that give you a lovely sense of comfort and pleasure

  • Favourite restaurants

* In fact, look around you today and simply observe what there is to appreciate :)

You can join us live in the Facebook Games Group - we play this every month or so.

And if you'd like to play the Game privately, write down 5-10 statements a day in a little notebook.


You can also sign up here and receive an online Gratitude Journal with a mini Manifesting Gift Pack that you can print and fill out, or simply use online.

Books That Celebrate Gratitude and Appreciation

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