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Course creation tips & Toolkit

Welcome, Course Creators!

Bookmark this page of top rated course creation tips, and affordable tools and platforms for each stage of the creation process.

Course Creation Books


The A to Z Guide


Dorcas does a wonderful job taking you through the full course creation process which include tips on how to create video courses with ease, and much more. This book is great for beginners, and gives you the direction to get started.


Course Planning

Danny takes you through his full planning process, so you can clearly map out and transition your coaching and consulting expertise and content into online courses.

Course Creation courses


FREE course - Online Starter Pack by teachable

This online pack is a must-have for course creators! 

It includes:

  • 7 premium courses to learn how to start your own online business

  • Smart from Scratch by Pat Flynn - Find the right idea for your business

  • Execute a Multi-Channel “Blitz Launch” by Digital Marketer - How to launch your product

  • Fierce Clarity by Nicole Walters - Discover your calling

  • #StartYourCourse in a Weekend by Danielle Leslie - Start and position your course the right way

  • Turn Your Blog Into a Business by Suzi Whitford - 11 premium workshops in this masterclass series

  • How to Webinars by Alanna Kaivalya - Hands on program about leveraging webinars to make sales


FREE Course Pack - teachableU

This online pack is another must-have! 

It includes:

  • Online training program that will take you from choosing the course topic to launching a course with real students enrolled

  • 1 year of upcoming TeachableU Live Training Workshops

  • Course handouts, done-for-you templates, and email scripts

  • Course 1: How to choose a profitable course idea that’s perfect for you

  • Course 2: How to create a professional, high quality course

  • Course 3: How to build an audience of people who need your course

  • Course 4: How to market, launch & scale your course business

Course Worksheets and Templates


Canva Pro - the only tool you need!

With Canva Pro, you can create the most stunning and effective branded PDFs, worksheets and checklists to enhance your course content and student experience. You can also find every type of template - social media and much more! I use this tool on a DAILY basis.

Tip: Use PDF Escape to make your PDFs fillable!

Recommended Course Platforms

Below are the 2 course platforms I recommend for the best value to price ratio.

There are many good course platforms out there, and I encourage you to check them all out. 


But if you're looking for the best "all-inclusive" options that are also beautifully designed, sign up for both and rest them for free!

Book Covers


NEW Zenler

This is the one that I'm using currently. This platform has EVERYTHING you need in the Basic package!

It includes the full flow from creation to funnels and emails and FB support.

Even better, if you join with the Beta price (on now!), you'll be locked into that low rate forever! 

You can also pay monthly ($47/mo)! Simply send Zenler an email when they send you the registration link. You can test it for FREE too!


Course Craft

I have a course set up here too. Course Craft has a lovely and intuitive set up, and is very easy to use. 

Course Craft is great for artist moms and coaches who want more of a visually appealing landing page straight up, without all the extra fuss of landing pages, etc.

Also, VERY affordable! You can set yourself up for FREE and test it as long as you like!



FREE Google Ads Bootcamp

This free course shows you how to uncover the best keywords for your book, implement profit-maximizing rules, and more! It comes with a hugely helpful audit checklist, the full roadmap and a Keyword research guide. 


FREE Facebook Ads Course

A power-packed course that teaches you how to effectively craft your budget, create your audience, test your ads and optimize your conversions!


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