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Blue Waters
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Enjoy the Cosmic Playbook for only 99c

30 Expanded Affirmations...

Enjoy Feelings of Peace and Self-Acceptance In 3 Minutes a Day

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In This Little eBook, You'll Discover...


30 Ways To Love Your Life!

Mind-candy mini meditations and positive affirmations, packed with powerful Universal connection and sprinkled with a little magic.

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Daily Inspiration

Designed to elevate your emotions, this collection will soothe you and remind you of the power you carry within to manifest your desires.

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Clearing & Energizing Affirmations for Money & Abundance

Affirmations and intentions that empower you to release old money stories so you can welcome in fresh prosperity!


Hi, I'm Priya

I create Law of Attraction and manifesting books and tools 

- all designed to invite in the energy of inspiration and magical connection for daily creating.

They've been created to make manifesting simple and replicable - a blend of spirituality and hands-on design and action!

The Cosmic Playbook helps ease stress and suffering, which we all experience from time to time. And it will help raise your vibrations naturally.

Manifesting consciously and lovingly has changed my life entirely - and I wish the same for you!




Enjoy Feelings of Peace and Self-Acceptance In Only 3 Minutes a Day

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