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Joyful Life Mastery serves the spiritual and manifesting community. Those who are passionate about consciously creating abundant lives of joy, value, and beauty.

And those who love to take action!

Here you will find Law of Attraction and manifesting tools designed to help you create and design a joyful life, from mindset to manifesting! 

Enjoy exploring this site!

Everything offered at Joyful Life Mastery follows 3 gold principles that blend together:

The Joyful Life Mastery brand

Create your bigger picture * Add your value to the world * Take inspired daily action

About PK  Davies...

PK Davies creates and shares Law of Attraction and manifesting content and audios designed to live a fulfilling life.

She is an award-winning, bestselling author, voice artist, singer and entrepreneur.

After earning a degree in Psychology and English Literature, PK Davies fuelled her passion for learning by earning a diploma in Homeopathy and certifications in life coaching, hypnotherapy, reiki and Ho'oponopono. She draws from elements of all these to create Joyful Life Mastery offerings.

PK moved from England to Canada, and has lived in Vancouver, Montreal, India (for a short stint) and is now based in Toronto.

When she's not writing, you'll find her quaffing red wine and reading historical romances with naughty titles.

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More About PK Davies:

PK is

an avid Hawaii lover,

the lead singer for Peace of Night,

an award winning Law of Attraction coach,

a believer in spiritual energy and conscious creation,

voice actor for meditations and the Skywind video game,

author of the bestselling  The Law of Attraction Game Book,

creator of the Emotional Mastery Flow and the Prosperity Game SuperKit.
PK also has lots and lots of experience with administration (there's no sexy way to say that).

PK has been featured as a guest for the Calling All Angels Radio Show, hosted by The Law of Attraction Radio Network.

* Love, Light and Beauty *

PK Davies' articles have been featured in Vitality Magazine, Confluence Daily, Medium,  Think Simple Now, Positively Positive and Mike Dooley's TUT Blog.



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