Hello beautiful Soul!


Your path lies in front of you, a golden road of opportunity towards your dreams and desires.

Fuelled by your inner journey and transformation.


At any stage, you can turn away from your road - as we all do from time to time.

And when you're ready, you can draw upon your courage and step back upon your path to live life like you have never lived it before.

To dream and fuel your moment with your creations and offer the world your energy.


The tools here can help you work the Law of Attraction and creativity into the present moment with a combination of hands-on juicy practices and inviting in Universal magic.


Our meditations can help you recalibrate to a state of inner peacefuness and self acceptance. We all experience heavy emotions at any given time. These are healthy and can be used as a springboard towards the changes we want to see in our lives.

Explore the meditations HERE.



The multiple award-winning Law of Attraction Game Book can help you recognize just how much beauty and potential you already carry within!


This book also helps supercharge your life with intense love and appreciation for yourself and others. 

At it's core, it cultivates a deep understanding of your own worthiness and lovability through playful exercises. And this radiates outwards to everything in your life.

The Cosmic Playbook is a fun blend of the Law of Attraction and bite-sized mini-meditations in written form. It will help you start your day with mindful inspiration.

The Cosmic Playbook for Writers is there as your friend and guide all through the writing process! It reminds writers of the powerful developing momentum of their work and supports them emotionally through the creative process.

Master Your Life With Joy...

Create a life picture

Connect with the world

Take inspired daily action

Live life fully without bypassing and create from your most genuine Self.

It's healthy and "right" to accept ourselves as we are, with our light and shadow selves.

There is always room to expand and grow!

May your path enrich your life with purpose and vitality!

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About Priya...

My name is Priya Khajuria. I'm a Meditation and Manifesting Coach with a passion for writing and creating. I'm from England and currently live in Canada. I’m a mother to two beautiful children and married to my sweetheart.

Bollywood music played an important part in my younger identity – it involved a music lineage of haunting lyrical beauty and was like an awakening into sound and emotion.


Long before yoga asanas became a household name in the West, I practiced yoga in the Himalayan foothills and ashrams all over India, when I lived there for a while. I followed several paths of yoga, mainly Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Pranayama, Dharana, Dhyana and The Goddess Traditions. 

Paradoxically, as a non-religious person, I found so much beauty and joy in singing bhajans (Vedic devotional songs).

And I found myself gravitating towards the essence and spiritual practice of the Vedic Goddesses. A celebration of the feminine Divine.


When I came to Canada, I was very unpopular at school for my British accent and color.  

I took that anger and sadness and became a singer and voice artist, at first just to rebel.


And something strange happened – the very thing that stood out to others as weird, became my sadhana.

A daily practice of devotion, an understanding that I had to travel into the heart of who I was.

Into the scared and vulnerable being in my heart – as we all do – to embrace and move forward.


After learning about the Law of Attraction, it was a natural step to create guided meditations that combined manifesting, mindfulness and affirmations. With everything that I'd learned and used over the years, I pulled from my past to create my path forward. 

I use guided meditations to help me deal with difficult times. 

And also to keep me on track with my goals.

I share this with you so that you know that you are not alone even when you feel to be.

Who you are now is all part of your divine life. Light and shadow. 

Your path is in your hands. Whatever creative visions you have ever dreamed of can come true.

With love,


* Love, Beauty and Harmony *

Music by Ken Davies (aka sexy husband)


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Priya is a multiple award-winning author and coach.

Priya is also a singer, voice artist and writer.

She holds a degree in Psychology and practiced homeopathy in Canada.

Her articles have been featured in Vitality Magazine, Confluence Daily, Medium,  Think Simple Now, Positively Positive and Mike Dooley's TUT Blog.


Priya has been featured as a guest for the Calling All Angels Radio Show, hosted by The Law of Attraction Radio Network.