Music by Ken Davies (aka sexy husband)

Hello beautiful Soul!


Your path lies in front of you, a golden road of opportunity towards your dreams and desires.

Fuelled by your inner journey and transformation.


At any stage, you can turn away from your road - as we all do from time to time.

And when you're ready, you can draw upon your courage and step back upon your path to live life like never before!

To dream and fuel each day with your creations and offer the world your energy.

I know exactly what it's like to be confused about where to start when it comes to manifesting. So many different offerings out there. Some talk about using the mind for everything - others are all about faith.

In my case, I discovered that being a "spiritual rebel" was what worked the best. Questioning, trying loads of different things, and seeing what worked. 

If you've realized that you are not someone who likes to blindly follow - and you're a hands-on kind of person who also loves magic - then I believe that you will love the tools here.


They will help you work the Law of Attraction and creativity into the present moment with action-oriented juicy practices as you invite in Universal magic!

May your path enrich your life with purpose and vitality!


PK Davies

Master Your Life With Joy...

Create a life picture

Connect with the world

Take inspired daily action

About PK Davies...

She is a creator, narrator and artist. Originally from England, she currently lives in Canada with her two children and her sweetheart.


With a background in meditation and voice (singing and voice acting), it was a natural step to create guided meditations to help herself and others after learning how to consciously use the Law of Attraction.


Meditations that combine manifesting, mindfulness and affirmations - so that creative manifesting can be woven into our lives with ease.


She has also incorporated decades of practical project management experience into manifesting tools that blend the practical with inspiration – so that you can manifest in a repeatable, loving and exciting way in your life.


PK Davies also believes in the magical…the unseen powerful creative elements of the Universe. You’ll find these mystical elements woven through her manifesting offerings.


Add any of the tools here into your daily manifesting routine.

 Each of these are easy to implement daily – and they work.

* Love, Beauty and Harmony *

PK Davies is a multiple award-winning author.

She holds a degree in Psychology and practiced homeopathy in Canada for over a decade. She loves blending the best of science with nature.

Her articles have been featured in Vitality Magazine, Confluence Daily, Medium,  Think Simple Now, Positively Positive and Mike Dooley's TUT Blog.


She has been featured as a guest for the Calling All Angels Radio Show, hosted by The Law of Attraction Radio Network.


Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/soundismusic

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